Monday: Make. Create. Sew

This is not so much a tutorial as in a big long list of projects I want to make + create (photos taken straight from the projects folder on my many of the places I found them are unkown. sorry!)

1. This delightful puf...

(source unknown...thought it was dottie angel, but can't find it anywhere)

2. This lovely lacy lamp husband would never let me use it though :o(

                             (source unknown)

3. This fancy terrarium in a jar...been looking at these for a long time now.

4. This nice quilt...there's a lot of quilts I'd like to get around to making
(source unknown)

Well that's just a few.....there's a lot more in my list though!

I was dreaming witha  friend the other day "Oh i wish I could just give up teaching and I just stay at home and make pretty things!"

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