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December 2012 Desktop Calendar

Far out brussel sprout - this month came around fast! It wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I realised it was already December. So here is this years last calendar....

I hope you enjoy this months calendar and hope you have a great festive, not too busy month!

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I'm listening to...

Right now I'm listening to... Channel Orange by Frank Ocean. It's my new favourite album.

It has a great r+b, chilled out vibe to it. It's pretty great. And don't let the explicit content put you off - it's not very sweary at all. 

happy sunday. 

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November Desktop Calendar

Here is this months desktop calendar. Pretty purple floral. 

To download: Right click. Save As. Input your text in photo editing software. Save again. Open it in its folder. Right click. Set as desktop background. Done. 


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Things I'm afraid to tell you...

Yesterday I heard on the radio about this article and had to check it out for myself. It's basically about what goes on behind closed doors and the front we put up for the world. Social media does not help with this - who wants to share with the world about their breakdown because their clothes didn't fit properly and they were having a bad hair day? Not many of us.

I don't want to play the victim here and I don't think I project that I have a perfect life (at all), but here's the "missing pieces" in my life that are usually kept under wraps in my crazy brain (or written/drawn in a journal for no one to see)...

I have stopped going on Facebook so often, because I'm sick and tired of feeling depressed and like a failure every time someone else announces they are pregnant (just found this article on "ramblings of an infertile woman" - it was pretty great and on the money). I get anxiety about money pretty much all the time and don't feel like I will ever get ahead in life and stop living week to week. I feel like I am no good at anything much anymore with two failed business attempts, my one career choice shoved in my face, people always telling me I'm doing a crap job at my current job and being constantly overwhelmed at how much is expected of me.

Yep, I know I have a great husband, I have a job (well 3 in fact), I'm studying to steer my life into the direction I think I want it to go in and I have my health, but it certainly doesn't stop all that crazy + insecurities going on in my head. We all have our own shit to deal with and I think we just have to keep reminding ourselves no matter how awesome or great someones life looks from the outside, it is almost always not as rosy on the inside. Don't you think!?

So that's me. All my cards laid on the table. Have I scared you off? Please come back and read more of my ramblings :)

tara louise.  


I have a GIRL CRUSH...

I have a huge girl crush on Kate Bosworth. I love her. A lot. I love her laid back, relaxed style and I do love her hair too. I also like that she repeats a bit of her clothing and clearly has her favourite items she wears again and again - just like a normal person. Case in point is the suede ankle boots she wears in 4 of the photos above. I actually just purchased a similar pair from big w. Here is how I plan to wear them - Kate Bosworth style:


I'd pair my new boots with denim shorts and a slouchy top/jumper (it's a bit hot for jumpers at the moment here); a plain top, pretty skirt and bright necklace or with a simple black mid length dress. I'd probably wear a bright red lip to jazz things up a bit and some bright bracelets if I was feeling like it needed a bit more oomph (this would depend on my mood). I'd also pair it with a tan messenger bag or my current bag (I did a DIY for it). 

Do you have a girl crush at the moment? I have a number of them, and one massive boy crush, but that's a blog post for another day. 

tara louise. 


DIY: Studded Bag

This DIY is such a simple one. I had a bag which I found in Kmart for $10 but it needed jazzing up a bit, so I grabbed some studs (these can be found in bead shops or craft stores. I got mine from here) and one by one while watching TV fixed them to the bag. I found the easiest way to do this was to pierce the stud through the leather/fabric a few at a time. If you happen to pierce the lining, then pull the lining away from the stud, then with some pliers, fold the spikes inwards. I did a couple of google searches on the correct way to do this and some said to fold the prongs outwards - I highly disagree. I would have no fingers left if I'd done it this way. I vote for folding the prongs in. Work your way around the bag, adding studs where necessary. For my bag, I bought 50 studs but only used about 30. And that's pretty much it. Super Simple and a way to pass the time while watching mindless TV that you don't have to think about or concentrate on. 

tara louise. 


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