Inspired by: Jason Wu

a quick post before i go to work...

the inspiration:

 the inspiration was found on a blog i discovered a few weeks ago and am loving: a pair and a spare | diy fashion

I loved this jumper on the right.

my version:

the top started out as this:

i got to the end and was this short on lace!!
so i pieced a few short bits together (have i mentioned i'm not a perfectionist ?)

i actually thought i was going to be 50cm short, so i was pretty happy i wasnt!

and so i sat on the couch and hand sewed this on, joining two pieces of lace together, while starting at 4:30pm and watching sex and the city 2 movie, the news, bondi vet, bondi rescue, the renovators and half of underbelly:razor,  by 9 something i was finally done!

so yep it took me forEVER, but it was easy and i love it!

and now i have something to wear to work today. brill.

(my best blue steel pose!)

rushing off to work now.

tara louise.


Quick Tutorial: Illustrated Transfers

Most of my creative work (and stock i sell) at the moment is done using transfers. The plain old boring kind that you shove through your printer and iron onto a daggy shirt. Except I like to think I jazz it up a bit! Here are a few images of my latest tops:

(these haven't been photoshopped so sorry about the photos + random sizes)

and i've just transfered these images onto shirts too:

the baby t-rex onto a size 1 top and the floral t-rex onto a size 10.
and i really want one of the floral dinosaur!

I had a lightbulb moment yesterday when I wondered if you could draw on transfer paper and it would actually work (don't ask me why i only just thought of this yesterday!). Today i did a little experiment with some left-over transfer paper from another order i had and here is the tutorial for it:

Illustrated Transfers

* iron your transfer according to the instructions on the pack. Each brand needs ironing differently.

I'm so excited that this has worked! I gave it a quick hand wash before to see if the sharpie would run when it was wet, but so far so good! The possibilities are endless with what can be done with this.

If you have a try of this, please post your photos on my facebook page:!/tara.louise.designs

I'd love to see them.

i'm now off to do another project now that i'm going to pop up on here as a tutorial.

tara louise.


paper bags, disney rides + paint by number

today i am inspired by....

these zigzag paper bags:
(an etsy store and i know i'm bad, but i can't remember which one)

the it's a small world illustrations of Mary Blair at Disney's around the world:


and vintage paint by number pictures:

what is inspiring you today?

tara louise.


lace shorts

i've had my eye on lace shorts for awhile now ever since spotting a pair of jayson brunsden's in grazia i think it was.

i like that it brings a bit of classiness to seriously short shorts  which i love wearing during summer. these are inspiring me to create a pair of my own:

(all found here)

and if it has a scalloped hem, i'm well and truly won over!

tara louise.


Polly Dolly:urban hippy

urban hippy

i love this set. so suited to me!

first look is one i'm busting to have right now!! a simple understated tee with floral midi skirt, chunky heels and a denim jacket.

second look is a slouchy jumper, denim jeans and pair of brogues.

third look is a black maxi, pretty top and a pair of sandals with a bowler hat.

the accesories i chose were a lovely pair of sunnies, 2 chunky rings that don't match, a cross necklace, a pretty bag to hang off my shoulder/sling across my body and of course a red lippy.

i love love love the urban hippy look and try to emulate it as often as i can.

Head on over to danimezza and see what everyone else's sets look like.

tara louise.


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