just a minute.

OCT 2010

daydream lily linked to this post about just a minute.

a short time capsule of what you were doing/thinking at that time. lovely idea!

reading...frankie mag + latest grazia

buying...nothing much. skint at the moment. very very poor!

listening...rihanna: only girl (in the world) + pitbull: rebelution album

watching... so many silly reality tv shows. jersey shore. 9 by design. real housewives of nyc. tiaras and tantrums (or something like that)

loving...how inspired and creative i'm feeling at the moment. and lace shorts + culllots.

planning...for the next handmade market.



Saturday + Sunday

gif animators

I found a new great blog this morning.....my poppet

she had an easy peasy animation tutorial.
i've never felt the need to do them, but she has really super cute ones!

just did this one.
check out the tutorial here.

i think it may just be my new favourite thing to do.
tara louise.

Gif animators


polly dolly cont.

poo. just posted my lace set for polly dooly and remembered that free people has the best lace dress ever. bugger. oh well.

Fields of Lace Dress
this is the dress. it's a sheer lace maxi.

so versatile.

love it love it love it!

jay jays does a similar version.
slightly similar in the way that its black and lacy.

tara louise.


polly dolly

lace is the theme for this weeks polly dolly challenge.

this is my set.
3 lace options.
1 pair of lace shorts and 2 lace dresses.
the one in the middle is difficult to see on here now.
i'd butch the lace items up a bit with masculine feel shoes.
and punch some colour in with a bright bag and accessories.

i might wear some lace today now after doing this!
why not.

tara louise.



ever had a time when all you want to do is get away from the thoughts in your head?? i'm having one of those weeks. i want to stop thinking about everything but finding it very hard to switch everything off. i can't even sew or create in this mood. very stifling and inconvenient! i have so many things i want to do!! i've had a really rough couple of days and i'm mentally exhausted. if i could, i'd get myself a one way ticket out of the coolangatta airport...the first plane leaving that i could get on. my husband seemed pretty upset that he wouldn't come with me. he was happier after i told him he could come with me : ) i'm not one to just give up or run away when things get a bit tough, but i do find my head clears as soon as i have some time to myself away from everything to sort things out. today i appear to be at the stage where i'm fighting every fibre in my body to not crawl back into bed and stay there under the covers all day. it's surprising me a bit. i always get far too bored doing that! i am also finding i have oodles of spare time now and not quite sure what to do with myself. i used to get this feeling in the uni holidays. i'm off to find something to keep my mind from torturing itself. (this is helping writing this, but i'm kinda done with what i want to say now).

so here's a pretty picture however i do not endorse hitch-hiking. very dangerous!

(image here)

tara louise.


Saturday + Sunday

i'm off to the craft fair today. haven't been for a few years. should be good :)

here are a few things on my list of  "want to makes":

this cute as a button blanket....

(there are actually 9 blankets in this image)
image at purlbee

i'd like to recreate this top from wildfox...
Wildfox Big Diamond Over-Sized Tee in Diamond

cute little things like this easy peasy embroidery...


i'm inspired to make a collection of prints after seeing this...

(image at french paper)

and those are about it for the moment....
enjoy your day.

tara louise.


polly dolly

my bag. my style

over at danimezza's polly dolly challenge she has asked what bag we have been adoring and busting to have in our dreams. here is mine....

the bag is marc by marc jacobs.
it's in the $600 - $700 price range and i've been eyeing off a green one in david jones for a little while now.
i love it.
love the fact it can be turned into a satchel too.
the green is great (ánd it's a lovely pop of colour!), but i supoose for a rather expensive handbag the beigey colour would be more practical.

i've done a dressed up and more casual look for the bag to be teamed with.
doing this just makes me want the bag sooooo much.
i wonder if my husband wants to buy me it for my birthday???
think i have more chance of winning the lottery.

also really super dooper love the purple diamond top.
may have to just re-create that one!
also love the yellow heels :)

tara louise.


mag mad monday

heré s a random post for you seeing as i haven't posted in awhile. been busy busy busy.

i've noticed in my travels the last few weeks that there are lots of online mags popping up everywhere. have you noticed that too?

i do love magazines. i think it's in my genes. my grandpa and mum love them too. i just can't get enough of them. even when i'm very poor, i still find money for magazines. it gets a bit expensive this hobby. although i am better than i used to be! so i am LOVING all the free ones cropping up all over the place.

these are the ones i've discovered the last couple of weeks...

maeve : australian
Maeve cover

charlie : australia

adore home : australia

lmnop: australia
Subscribe to LMNOP
magazine full of kiddies things, but great for inspiration.

by fryd. : scandinavia
(while this one is mainly in scandinavian, there is an english version, but it is just a delightful look. it's all just beautiful.)

enjoy the free-dom of online mags.
i'm loving the last one so much!!

tara louise.


polly dolly

mellow yellow was last weeks polly dolly challenge.

i don't wear much yellow as it doesn't suit my skin tone, but i do like it occassionaly. here's my set:

couldn't find a dress i liked without copying dani's set, so chose 3 different looks.
look one: yellow hoodie brightens up winters dark days. wear with cons or other yellow shoes.
look two: cute as a button yellow shirt with denim shorties. worn with cons or other yellow shoes too.
look three: sailor skirt with quirky top. worn with pretty shoes to girlfy the look a  bit.

love the yellow watch and umbrella!

that's it for today.

tara louise.


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