polly dolly

animal instincts was this weeks theme for the polly dolly challenge.

i'm a big believer of pairing animal prints back with basic neutrals.
these skirts are super cute.
love all the shoes too, but think the animal print ones would be overkill worn with the skirts, so added in some black shoes to neutralise the look.
i love the idea of cons with a skirt. love it on other people. can't seem to pull it off myself though.
and i just love that necklace. too cute.


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

Want it:
some warmer weather again. today has been rainy and miserable. i want to be here...

Need it:
this flower wall in the little shop. it's just amazing!!

(tensta flower wallpaper: designed by front design)

Love it:
the delightful chunky rice slice with carob and coffee cream slice i made last night (recipe to follow throughout the week)

these blogs i've just discovered:
 manhattan nest
(a truly handy dude living in manhattan who reuses furniture and makes amazing stuff out of it!)

(haven't checked out this blog in depth yet, but the minimalist feel and look of the blog teamed with great photography is intriguing me)

door sixteen
(now this one i found ages ago but have just re-discovered it. i love it when that happens!! this blog is about a couple redecorating and refurbing their home. great great great ideas)


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

so i woke up friday morning (seems like ages ago now) and decided i wanted a new top. simplest way i knew how (considering i have no money at all and it was 8am) was to make a top. inspired by a french connection jumper i've been loving for ages, i set about doing it while chatting to my grandpa and mum over our weekly friday catch-up. i was quite impressed with it, i must say!

(french connection jumper i was inspired by)

so that's my make. create. sew.  part

on saturday i drove past this spot that i drive by quite often and realised the photographic potential it had.
i took this photo while at the lights....


intending to turn it into this....

or this...

i can't decide which one i like better.

yesterday was spent getting more of the shop ready...we are opening in 2 weeks!!

this is my dad popping up some cute fabric over the lattice.
i despise lattice. hate the stuff.
we also went to see a couple of our friends who had a baby over the weekend.
baby luke is just too cute. tiny and cute.

husband has gone to sydney for a week for work.
i'm cleaning out the house while he's gone.
better get back to it. enough procrastination.



well i've been looking forward to see what victoria from sfgirlbybay themed this weeks i-spy and it is
two for the road

(photo by tara louise designs)

(found here: meet me at mikes)

(found here )
i loved this photo above which was in victoria's set....the photo below is very similar.

(found here at weheartit.com)

(found here at door sixteen)

(found here at weheartit.com)

(found here at weheartit.com)

(found here at weheartit.com)

(found here at weheartit.com)

two for the road.


polly dolly

this weeks theme is race day attire. this theme was very befitting as i am going to my first race day luncheon in a couple of weeks. so i have polyvored what i'm planning on wearing that day... mind you it will be probably be with the addition of tights or some form of jacket.

i hope to be wearing...one of the above lovely toi et moi dresses, with the following bits and bobs.


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

sticking with simple today...

want it:   toi et moi dress

i saw this dress in the burleigh shop of raggedy anne a couple of weeks ago. i love it to bits. i really want it.

need it: camera keyring

well lets say  i needed it and i bought it (while looking in the same shop). for the cheap price of $6.95. complete with flash and camera shutter sound when you press the shutter. awesome.

love it: zines
i know everyone's been harping on about these things for ages but i'm just starting to catch on and appreciate the greatness that is.

i love mixtape and thanks to mixtape, croqzine. for the magazine lover, these are great. little magazines full of interesting tidd bits of stuff you want ot read about. think a baby frankie mag.


My Place + Yours

what's on your fridge? is the theme for this weeks my place + yours

i don't like having anything on the front of the fridge, as i think it adds clutter to our very cluttered kitchen. however i'm sure this will change when we have kiddies that want to proudly display their paintings. we put most of our things on the side of the fridge...

as you can see our fridge is complete with a box of wine (seeing as it's winter), a weekly meal planner, a few photos, lennards cooking guide, and emergency numbers.
boring but practical


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

so a few weeks ago in the self-portrait my place and yours i was asked what lettering was behind me in the photo. it was a project i'd been meaning to do for ages after i'd seen it on a blog somewhere (found the link) and finally got around to doing it at the start of the year.

so here's my easy peasy tutorial for fabric wall decals:

step one | cut out your fabric in whatever shape you like

step two | make a mixture of liquid starch
               (this makes a ridiculous amt of liquid, way more than what you probably need, but i will give
                  you the recipe i use)
step three | mix 1/4 cup plain flour with 1/2 cup cold water. add 4 cups of boiling water and mix till clear-ish.
step four | now grab a nice big paintbrush, hold you fabric where you want it to go and start painting on your
                cornflour mixture. i found it easier to start at the top, so the first few brushes held it onto the wall.

and that's it! once you've painted it on leave it to dry and that's it. when you're bored of it simply peel it off the wall. it makes no marks on the wall at all...you may need to wipe off dried mixture with a damp cloth though.  so simple!

and while i've got you here, i have to share the great things i got while checking out my fave opshop today. i was so very excited!!!
(yep blurry but you can see everything better. love the missoni style tea cosy complete with pom poms)

i just love these sheets (read: new very cheap fabric).
now, i know this op shop is a great one.
i always find something in there to buy, but i have never seen this much vintage fabric in the one opshop on one day.
it made my day seeing as my dad and i popped in there just because we were around the corner.
it was clearly meant to be!


the envelope project

so, i've just popped over to the lovely blog that is meet me at mikes and discovered they have posted some photos of all the envelopes they have been receiving. my golly, it's amazing! here are a few shots...

(love this crocheted pole)

(love this bit of stuff...)

(is this not the coolest envelope ever!!??)

(and there's mine.....in the very bottom right hand corner)

when i did this, i just thought it would be something fun to do, but far out, i want to win so badly now!!
if i won i don't know what i'd do with it all.
it would probably just stay in the box and i'd take things out and just look at them.
it would all be far too pretty and precious to use.

crossing my fingers and toes and anything else that can be crossed.

(all images from 'the envelope project' set on flickr)


Saturday + Sunday: Stumbled Upon + (from) Scratch

yesterday afternoon was a productive one.
always good i say.

i found a few new blogs, which i'm loving!
and i baked potato bread.

í've never baked bread from scratch before.
when bread makers became the the thing to have we got one, but we didn't use it a whole lot.
 (we didnt like the way the loaf of bread had a hole in the middle of it)
so it was an exciting event for me!

and while i was waiting for my bread to foam, rise, prove and bake i stumled upon some great blogs.

the blog to the store. i so wish we had it here!
also created by the geniuses behind urban outfitters.
just so many cool ideas.

graphic. all sorts of bits and pieces on it.

make the coolest stuff!
from the UK.
they have great taste in vintage/op shopped fabric.

style everything australian.
kids. fashion. interiors

this weekend is all about getting the shop ready.
there is just 2 weeks left!
crazy crazy.


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