Friday: The Photo Finish

after learning that the impossible project has finally started re-making polaroid film via mocking bird (this was the post i read), i'm thinking all things polaroid.  i love their simplicity and un-predictability. i bought a polaroid a few years back at a garage sale for very cheap and can't wait to put some film through it finally!

(source)                                                                        (source)

(source)                                                                           (source)

the new york city polaroid collection also has some great polaroids. until i get my polaroid film though i'll keep poladroiding my own photos. it keeps me happy at a fraction of the cost!

(all photos by myself+poladroid)

hope you've had a good week and another great long weekend,


My Place + Yours

Question: What's on your keyring?

Answer: our house keys, mum + dad's house keys, flat keys, car keys (even though my car no longer works!), aldi trolley coin, gym scanner thingy and the keyring is one i made awhile ago. 

at the moment they are sitting where they usually sit, on top of a heap of drawers we have (which is covered with the hippy-ish cloth) next to my sunnies and handbag.


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

(Love it.)

stripes & florals
stripes & florals by taralouise featuring Miss Selfridge skirts

i posted about stripes and florals about a month ago i think and i just can't get this amazing combo out of my head. i just love them both together!! i acquired another striped top on the weekend - $2 country road t-shirt from a garage sale down the road) and i just love it. i also got a pair of floral shorts from the same garage sale (also for $2) and paired them together immediately. i just love it love it love it!!

the other thing i'm loving at the moment is the stapler i treated myself to the other day. i have quite a love affair with stationery and can find joy in the simplest of stationery items, but this is my new love...

a green baby stapler from smiggle. being a teacher, i've seen smiggle everywhere in the classroom and had never really had a good look in-store. i was surprised and extremely delighted to discover how cheap it is! and how many great things there are in there (however i could easily ban ALOT of their products from the classroom!) this little baby was only $4.95!! and it takes baby sized staples (No. 10) and is oh so simple to use. i love love love it too!

enjoy the rest of your week,


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

(The Easy-Peasy Tear-Off Notepad)

to be honest i don't know if i came up with this idea as a stroke of genius (probably not) or read it somewhere, but here it is to share:

(sorry...had to change to pink as the grey wasn't clear enough on this photo)

...a tip for cleaning up...wash out the paint brush, but leave the glue mix to dry in the should just peel out when dry. easy peasy!

i've been using this technique for my diary+ shopping lists. so easy, yet so much fun!

happy crafting...


Saturday+Sunday:Surprises+(dawn) Services

oh you've gotta love a long weekend.

we have a long weekend this weekend because it's ANZAC day today. a day where we remember the fallen (and still-standing) soldiers who have fought for our land. every year i go and march with my grandpa at the dawn service. we meet at 4:30am and it finishes up about 6:15am . mum + dad are in melbourne this weekend so mum didn't come, but i went as usual with grandpa and my aunt. it's a beautiful morning, even if i am half asleep for the rest of the day.

(all photos by me...except the last one, that's by the nice man who took our photo)

on friday afternoon i finally got my long-awaited for pin cushion! the best thing is, it is a pin cushion i've been wanting to make for ages but have just never got around to, so thanks Karen (and Kate at Fox's Lane for organising the pin cushion swap)!

my pin cushion jar filled with goodies.

i think for the rest of the weekend i'll get stuck into some sewing for next weekends HandMade Market. sounds good to me.


Friday: The Photo Finish

my grandpa has been going through all his photo albums at the moment. out of it came a few beautiful shots of my grandpa with my grandma. she died before i was born so i never met her, and while i've seen heaps of photos of her over the years, she is just beautiful in these photos.
one of my favourites is this one of my grandpa and grandma dulcie before they were married.

i love the way that they look so in love and happy without it being "in your face" the way it sometimes is today. i went on the hunt to find some other couply shots that were nice + warming without being grossed out. enjoy.

enjoy your weekend. we have a long one! yay!


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

i'm thinking of opening a shop with a friend, so pretty shop ideas are running through my brain.

 i like these...

i love the freshness of this...busting to see it when we go to melbourne next month.

i love the printing on the door for opening times etc.

this store is one close to home and has a great vibe to the bookshelf

i've also been racking my brain to remember the awesome shops in brasil from when i went at christmas. they had such great shop designs and window fitters. every single shop was different, professional but so cosy at the same time. i'd love a cute shop with eclectic tastes yet contemporary, modern and kid-friendly.

are you impressed by nice looking, charming shops?


Monday: My Place+Yours

this weeks theme is: where do you blog?

answer: on a very messy desk between the kitchen and the dining room. there's always bills, notes, lists, pens and cameras galore covering it.

(an old photo this one....but still.)

i love about my space:
my red filing cabinet. two photos of my husband as a child. the design sponge desktop wallpapers. being able to look out the window. i no longer have all my sewing stuff here too.

i don't love so much about my space:
i still can't manage to keep it clean and tidy. there's still not enough space.

have a good week,


Saturday+Sunday: Sounds+Sewing

yesterday i went to jamfest in brisbane. we watched eve, jay sean, sean paul, pitbull, kelly rowland and akon. was a great afternoon + night. was with mum, ellie and karen.

these were some of the fashions for the festival season this year...
(source: tara louise)

after spending all day out yesterday, today i will be a day of creating and sewing.
i'm planning on making some plastic lined bibs and some seed bombs.
as i kill every living plant that is taken into my care, i hope that my seed bombs can create beautiful flower bombs like these in england...

(source: pete dungey)

well something like that anyway!

enjoy the rest of the weekend,


Friday: The Photo Finish

(source: weheartit )

i found this picture last week and it has stuck with me ever since. it's a cheerful photo.

i'm also including this shot.....

(source: weheartit )

(sorry for pixelated shot....i cropped it for a closer shot)

i just found this image and got quite excited. i saw this shirt on the cover of the south african glamour mag while i was there at the end of last year. i love this shirt and really want to make it. this top is on my long list of projects to complete. it can't be that hard...surely! it looks like fabric pom poms stuck on a shirt. i like.


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

with autumn coming i'm loving.... tights. knee high socks. coats. dresses i can layer other items with. striped long sleeved tops for said layering. pretty flat shoes. graphic prints. dresses with sleeves. peter pan collars. dresses with frills. pretty necklaces. noticing a pattern?

(Looks created on  )

oh how much i want all these clothes...


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