march calendar

it snuck up on me this month.
all of a sudden i realised tomorrow is march! far out. how'd that happen?

here's a lovely calendar for you to pop up onto your desktop and write your daily doings on.
it's as simple as right clicking the picture, saving it and adding text in a photo editing program. then just right click, press save as background and done! ta da.....

i've got to say, i'm pretty bloody happy with this one. i like it. a lot.
i think it's becasue i love the fabric....a table cloth from my fave op shop.
love it to bits.

 go ahead, make your desktop PRETTY.

tara louise.


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

maybe i should rename this one for this week.

it's been awhile since my last blog post but i just had to share the most delicious cake recipe i've made in a long time. if you don't like fluffy, moist, airy light cakes, then i give you full permission to leave the blog right now. if you do love these types of cakes, then read on....

i was reading this post the other day on design sponge on a california wedding (which i love alot by the way. so many delightful things about it) and saw that the gift for the guests was a min bundt cake. i'd heard that word pop up a few times lately but bad no idea what type of cake it was, so as you do, i googled mini bundt cake. this recipe by martha stewart came up and i had a go at making it last night. i used a large bundt tin and didn't double the mixture like the recipe said, coz i'm stingy and didn't want to fork out for twice the amount of ingredients! turns out i didnt need to anyway. for quite a small amount of mixture, it rises quite a bit.

i meant to take a photo while i was assembling the cake but got caught up in the moment. you put half the batter in the tin, then sprinkle over the almond, cinnamony sugar mixture then more batter. i also made mine gluten and dairy free by substituting the flour, butter and sour cream/yoghurt with products i can eat.

so here's my delicious cake...

ok so it doesnt look that pretty, but my gosh it's delicious!
maybe if i'd been more patient and waited till all the lumps were out of the icing sugar or until the cake had cooled properly it may have looked prettier, but meh, it all tastes the same.

you can see in the second picture the line through the middle, thats the yummy cinnamonny part.

have a go and make it today.
you'll love it.

tara louise.


polly dolly

missed out on last weeks polly dolly.

this week the theme is valentines day. it's a bit of a non event in our household. it's another one of those american commercial holidays. but it is fun sometimes! here's my set for a night out with husband...

valentines day
the first look is a look more appropriate for the gold coast where i live. pretty dress and pretty flats.
the middle look is something i'd love to wear. beautiful lace dress and red suede wedges.
the last look is not so cliche valentines day! a bright sunny yellow dress and tan wedges.
my accessories would be the cute as a button bag to stop everything being so romantic and serious, a slick of my fave red lippy (and it really is the one pictured!) and some pretty heart earrings.

oh i missed polly dolly.

tara louise.


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