Friday: The Photo Finish

(found here)
this reminds me of summer days which seem so far away.
it's going to be a long winter!

i'm off to melbourne for a weekend away with husband so there will be no saturday+sunday post this week.
enjoy your weekend,


My Place + Yours

this week in my place + yours the theme is
Pre-loved: Inherited or Thrifted.

i have bucket loads of this stuff around my house (much to the loath of my husband!). it's taken me ages to know where to start, but once i started taking pictures, i didn't know where to stop!! some are recent pics i've just taken, others are shots i took when i first got the piece.

vases/pretty bottles...all op shop items

                                                                                                            table. now sewing table...inherited

vintage glasses...inherited (from grandpa).
(had to fight my aunt for these babies!!)

vintage clock...inherited (from grandpa)

fabric...some inherited, well taken (from mum) and some op shop finds

more fabric...inherited (from my sister)

doilies...all op shop finds.
i love finding doilies in opshops. my fave opshop buys by far.

dining chairs...inherited (from side of the road by dad)

and ah my most favourite purchase ever i think...the $4 chair........garage sale
seriously i got this baby for $4 down the road, with a pillow thrown in.
and please excuse the bike resting on it.
 with a 12 yr old boy everything becomes a bike stand or something secure to lock your bike, skateboard or ripstick onto.

ah, this was a fun one.
i do love a bargain and "recycled" items.


Polly Dolly

this week's theme for the polly dolly challenge was christening/baptism. i have never been to either one of these so just found some pretty dresses. again i chose three, all for whatever mood i'm in on the day.

fun and games this is!! i do enjoy doing this every week :o)

enjoy the rest of the week,


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

i'm loving so many things at the moment and my head is in a million and one different places. i can't even set my mind still for more than 5 minutes to find something im loving lots of. i'm all over the place. these are the things i've just been checking out and saving as...

(source can't be remembered even after a  thorough search)

(found here and here)

(found here)

(found here)

i'm loving bits of everything. i've got a hundred things i want to do.

ah, better get to it!


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

here is a quick and easy peasy little project to do that i finished on saturday. i'm not sure if i came up with this idea myself or if i've seen it somewhere else, but either way i'm loving it. it's useful to add a splash of colour to an area that's a bit boring but doesn't have a huge amount of space to do anything in.

step one.     get a length of wood about 1 inch wide and about 2cm thick. i also wanna have a go of doing it                on a stick. think it could also work very well!

step two.     paint different coloured stripes all up and down it in differing thicknesses and shades.

step three.    there is no step 3, other than pop it up and enjoy it!

(i apologise again for the very messy kitchen!! which is why i'm not making it any bigger!)

i nailed it into the wall in one spot just to make sure it didn't fall down.

easy huh! and nice and bright :o)


Saturday + Sunday: Stripey Sticks + Sticky Fingers

so today i decided i'd do some creating and sewing because i felt like i hadn't stepped into my sewing room to do anything useful for ages. after the boys left i got stuck into it.

i finished the stripey stick project i started last's going to go on the top of the window in the kitchen.

and i started to finish a project i've had on the go for awhile.
i made myself a keyring ages and ages ago and have finally got around to getting dad to cut some more circles out for me.
long story short, i also finally got around to having a play with the resin to cover them with.
i sat down and started working out what i was going to do.
all was going well.
i had to eat some yoghurt to get a container i could throw out,
(this took up a bit of time as i started watching a sex and the city marathon while eating it and ended up sitting there for 2 episodes).
husband turns up while i'm mixing it all up.
he has a whinge about the smell
 (just came back from a lovely walk along the beach and the house still stinks)
watches me and keeps distracting me as i'm pouring it on.
then says i did a great job.
 i knew i was doing a great job, didnt need him telling me that!
however, because i'm not much of a measurer, or a follower of instructions (even though i did read them), as i was trying to make the doily sit in the resin it was spilling everywhere (i clearly didn't get the parts of hardener to resin correct) and therefore was getting all over my hands (the instructions also say to wear gloves. meh, i thought. they also said to use in a well vetilated area. i said meh to that too).
husband is pissing himself laughing at me.
i told him to do something useful and go get me some kebab sticks (to use as chopsticks and prop up my keyring).
i accomplish that, just to realise how much resin is all over my hands.
far out.
i washed with soap, (with the aid of husband turning on the taps etc)
thought it was right, until i was still sticking to everything.
so cleaned my hands with oil. still no good. then got husband to pour more dishwashing liquid onto my hands. no good. spray oil. soap. spray oil. soap. soap. garlic oil.
don't know what i would have done if he hadn't been there!!
thought i was done. i wasn't.
ended up just putting tissue to the still sticky bits and getting about all arvo with tissue bits stuck to my hands.
most of the stick is off now, but i still have tissue stuck to my hands/fingers.

moral of the story: sometimes instructions really are there for a reason!
job for tomorrow...get gloves in the shopping and a measuring cup!

(this was after all the washing and oiling. yes that's also cat fur stuck to my fingers too)

enjoy your weekend,


A night at the movies...

This weeks polly dolly challenge is themed: at the movies.

here's my set...     

a night at the movies
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

this one was fun. i always try wear something comfy but a little bit jazzy. something i can get comfy in and i always take my glasses as my eyes get sore and i'm usually half asleep by the time the movie's over. the glasses aid in keeping me awake! i haven't been to the movies in awhile. my husband loves going to the movies and we went at least once a week for a while there, but have got out of it. am busting for sex and the city to come out. will be dragging him along for that one (he actually enjoys watching it just wont readily admit it). thanks dani. this game is great.


My Place + Yours

Theme: Yellow

bright sunny yellow is this weeks theme for my place +yours over at helloowl and it is also the theme for project 365 this week. fancy that. so an easy one. here they are:

the kitchen table...

the orginal eco bag...

and the remaining yellow things in my house...

i didn't have as many yellow things as i thought i had.
i need to work on that.


Friday: The Photo Finish

ah, it's friday.
this week i've been run off my feet and feel like i've hardly been home at all.
real life is hard.
 people don't tell you that when your growing up. or if they did i clearly wasn't listening!

i wish i could play pretend.
guess i can, will do danimezza's polly dolly challenge (see button on the right) and spend pretend money.
fun + games .


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

...and a late post for mondays, all in one. yay!

a friend got me onto a site called wordle last week sometime after i'd been raving about polyvore.

this wordle site is great as it's like polyvore but uses only words and is slightly more random.

you simply input text (individual words work best) with spaces between them.
the more of one word (you copy and paste in) the bigger that word will be.

or you can do as i did to play around and enter your blog address and a random set of words is added to your wordle "page".

once all the words are in, you can generally have a play around with the layout and direction of the text then print out your amazing new creation.

but beware...if you randomize your creation, every randomization is lost if you don't save each one you like.
so there's no....."ah i like that one, oh i'll see what else comes up" i have been told it's very dissapointing.

i'm still playing around with this site and learning all it's little quirks.
i did find out though how to save my image without printing it, and am now hoping i can get it on here!
here goes....

Wordle: Untitled

well it's on here....this is what it looks like after i thought to myself, "nup that's too small"

Wordle: Untitled

so they aren't too blogger or save friendly, but i have worked out how to get it into a word document, just have to learn how to get it into jpeg now!

but i love it anyway. the amazing creations that can be made with this thing is huge
(once i work out the whole saving in a better format with higher resolution thing!)

i was very excited.

the other thing i'm half excited - half gutted about is that victoria from sfgirlbybay is doing another mash-up called pin it forward.
this is less about individual bloggers and what inspires them like the previous blog it forward and more about tagging photos you like on the internet and re-tagging entries you like on the site.
so you eventually end up with a pinboard of inspiration (all with the original source attached! i think i was more excited about this coz i'm hopeless at remembering where i found things)
i was so excited to read it, then so sad to see all the spots were gone.
however, i did get onto the waiting list, so scored myself an invitation to the pinterest site.
 am yet to have a good play on it though.

wow, just looked back and have seen that this is a very wordy post.
better add a nice photo to balance out the end.

( found at weheartit)

my theme for project 365 + my place your place is yellow this week so this is a befitting photo.

enjoy the rest of the week,


Saturday + Sunday: Shelves+Swedish Design

i've been busting to get more shelves into our kitchen for ages and this weekend i finally got them!
we had no bench space because it was covered with spices, oils and a thousand and one other things.
and while it's still not clean at the moment, i'll be up bright and early cleaning it in the morning, and well, it's better than it was!

and well swedish design can only mean one thing.
we took a family trip up to ikea today, making sure we got there for brekky and before the hoards of people arrived. 
we were checking out more shelving for our laundry seeing as i finally got rid of the surfboard rack that was taking up all my laundry space.
so excited!! 
i never thought i'd get excited about a laundry.
huh, how things change when you actually have a house!
(a big tara louise today)


Dressed to Blog

this week i'm playing Polly Dolly over at Danimezza.

the theme is: dressed to blog
i'm usually in something comfy comfy, or whatever i've been wearing that day, but i prefer to be in tights with a big jumper at the moment with this chilly weather (i love this fcuk one!).
i always have thongs on but am starting to dig out all my socks (also love these cute ones).
i'll usually have a bottle of water or cup of tea (lady/earl grey) with me and you can find me usually eating one of the above items while listening to the tv (at the moment masterchef is on. masterclass tonight).

i found this one quite hard this week.
had to think about what i usually do, but then decided to do what i should be wearing!
at the moment i'm wearing jeans, about 4 layers under a hoodie, my havs, i'm freezing and i've eaten the last bit of my cherry ripe.

poo it. just thought i should have included in my polyvore thingy the chair i'm sitting on.
in fact i'll post it here now:

just an ikea chair.
would have fitted in nicely on my polyvore collage. ah well.

till next week. tara louise x


Friday: The Photo Finish

finishing off my train of thought with the whole bike thing for the minute....

hope you've had a good week, going to catch up on all my blog reading now.
have hardly read one all week.
what's going on???
so long, farewell,


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It. [Take 2]

how could i forget?? the thing i want, need (well i don't really need them seeing as i have perfectly good working pair) and am so in love with....the new coloured ghd's.
oh i want some so badly!!!

they also have purple, blue and red ones.
i love them to bits.


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

i'm seriously sick and tired of relying on my pretty unreliable husband to drop me off and pick me up from school (and think it's unfair that i'm using mum's car all the time!) so i am wanting to get a bike at the moment. i've been checking out cute bikes and their accessories.

i'm loving these chanel bikes and just wish i had the money to afford them.
a chanel bike. that's seriously cool.

also love these customisable bikes...spesh the 3 down the right side.
(can't remember where i found these)

i want, actually i need one of these baskets on the front too!
(as i'm that bad a bike rider i can't ride while i carry a bag)
mind you i'd be happy with a nice wicker basket aswell.

and i seriously want this helmet that zoe deschanel wore in yes man.
i'd be happy custom making my own though.

it's so cute!
and while i'd love to not care enough to go without a helmet, i'm a teacher so riding to school without a helmet isn't sending a very good picture.
and because knowing my luck i'd get fined by the cops.
and because i'm a pretty bad bike rider and i'm more than likely to fall off more than once!
but hey at least i'll be wearing a kick arse helmet when i fall :o)

i'd love to look carefree and debonair like these pretties... but unfortunately i don't think i will.
(i'll probably skid in some sand on the bike track and fall flat on my face in front of lots of students)

i have found 2 new blogs that have taken my fancy though:

both are cute and fancy bike related.

i'll continue my search for a neat bike and will update you once i find it and have completed my helmet.
till then, over and out.


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