february calendar

this year i decided i'd make my own desktop calendars.

this month is much simpler than last months.....

(and i promise it shows up better on the desktop!!)

this was last months...

all the instructions on how to use it are in this post.

just add the information/birthdays you want to be reminded of everyday and off you go!
easy peasy!

hope you enjoy this simple version this month.

tara louise.


5 minute fashion

Cooperative Printed Bow-Tieback DressUO Falling Leaves QuiltDiana Mini With Flash en Rose Edition Camera

Dani from danimezza asked, "Imagine you have the chance to win your entire online shopping cart but you only had 5 minutes to fill it. Where would you shop? What would you buy? How quick could you be? "

These 3 things were all i found in 5 minutes. i'm clearly not quick enough! i like to browse slowly and my shop of choice was one stop shop Urban Originals. i regularly pop on over and put things in my shopping basket just to have them sit there and pretend they are going to be bought. actually there was an article in the latest shop till you drop mag about this! very interesting...you get the rush of buying something but it doesnt cost you a cent! much better than window shopping.

Where would you go and what would you buy?? head on over to dani's blog and see where others "shopped" and see what they "bought".
oh, my total for these 3 things were US$307.

tara louise.


so that's almost january done.


I didn't mean to take such a break from the blog world. it just kinda happened. thats not to say i'll be back on with a vengance. this past month has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. i'm feeling like i've on two seperate rides, with one foot in each. i can't wait until everything settles back down and i get back into a half decent routine. i fall to pieces without a routine. this morning i went out my mum and grandpa and we went op-shopping on the way home (first time opshopping in ages) and this afternoon i've had a bit of time to myself with no one else at home. i've watched some tv, baked and now feel ready to perhaps make something.

it's amazing the little things that make you feel centered and normal again.

(photo found here)
tara louise.


polly dolly

anti fashionista

as you can see anti-fashionista was this weeks theme.

in reality....as it is summer and i live on the gold coast, i live in shorts, a singlet top and my havs. i use paw paw ointment for EVERYTHING and use a bag very similar to this one on a daily basis. i am loving a pair of heart earrings i got in the boxing day sales from target for $2.50 and i always wear my heart necklace...a wooden heart on a bit of leather. it's now my weekend wardrobe.

in dream land....i'd wear heels and sequins just to walk around town and the shops (just not appropriate in the places i go shopping!haha). i'd love a marc by marc jacobs bag just like this one. i'd wear red lipstick at all times, but i'd still wear my $2.50 target earrings. i love them that much!

so thats it until tomorrow when the next polly dolly challenge comes out.

tara louise.


my flood story

after reading hello owls flood story, here's mine...
i think i've been in a state of shock since monday afternoon. while at work i heard toowoomba had some landslides and was flooding. was calm. got home and saw what had actually happened. still relatively calm but horrified at what i saw on the news. called my aunt who lives in forest hill, about 50km south of toowoomba. she was fine. she'd got everything up from underneath the house (she lives in a 2 storey qlder). my uncle was in toowoomba at the time, but was fine also (he is on the disaster relief committee, so has been flat out). was happy again and went back to watching info and looking at photos of the "inland tsunami". still trying to take in that i've sat in these places and walked down these streets.

(taken by krystal anderson)

(taken by trishtan jones)

while this was going on, my husband was driving to the sunshine coast (stupid i know!) for a surf contest. he called saying he was there and safe. relatively happy and content that my family was safe and sound. bed.

wake up tuesday morning to hear water levels have risen in forest hill. it felt so wrong to go to work. i didnt want to go, but well, had to. most of the morning was spent with calls between myself, mum, grandpa, my husband and my cousin (who lives in brisbane). husband called at 10ish saying forest hill is being evacuated. txt auntie deb and she said they were fine, just waiting to find out what was happening. got on with work for awhile. talking to a customer and my phone rang. it was my cousin. i was willing this person to hurry up with what they were saying so i could find out what was going on. my aunt was being evacuated. i felt relieved and scared at the same time. found out later on that they had been in the 2nd floor building of the school and they were waiting for the black hawk downs to evacuate them. took awhile for them as they had no where to land...there was water everywhere. came home and was glued to the news. gave me chills to see anna bligh almost crying on tv in her press conference. a phone call from my cousin last night. auntie deb was safe. she was on the last helicopter out of town after waiting nearly all day. she did hop off the helicopter ready to stay at home once they said it wasn't a forced evacuation anymore. someone talked some sense into her and she got back on the helicopter. her dog is at home on the balcony and their cockatoo has food in his cage.

(photo of forest hill evacuation taken by luke willey)

(photo of forest hill evacuation taken by luke willey)

after a stressful day, they are all pretty upset and worried, yet grateful they still have their lives.

my husband tried to get back at 10am in the morning, but only got 30mins out of the sunshine coast and was being evacuated from where he was stuck. cut off on the bruce highway at caboolture i think. thats where they are saying the bruce highway was cut off. yesterday in currumbin was eerie. it was a ghost town. no one was really venturing out even though we werent flooded and no-one from up north could come down.

i haven't wanted to do anything. no sewing. no blogging. and i know people are far worse off, but its the helpless feeling i don't like.  i did go to zumba though, got my mind off everything for an hour.

it's just a horrible thing that has happened.
i feel for the people who have lost everything.
i feel for the people in brisbane now just waiting for the river to rise.

auntie deb, pip and ben. i love you.

tara louise.


please help out!

(found here)

want to help those caught in the floods?

the floods across qld are such a tragedy and they need our help.

the lj hooker currumbin office is the drop off centre (for the southern gold coast area) for items to assist those who have lost everything in the floods.

(found here)

the items they are after are:











Nappy Wipes

Mozzie Spray

Kitchen Utensils


Electrical Items

Pet food

You name it, there are many people that have lost everything so what ever you can donate will be appreciated.

If you are coming to the market tomorrow, please bring along a can of food or old clothes waiting to go to vinnies. I'll have an area where we will be collecting items to donate.

A truck company has volunteered there time and money to transport the products across the state, so if you can bring your items in a box for ease of storage in the truck that would be brilliant, otherwise in a bag is fine.


thanks, tara and the LJ Hooker Currumbin team

0755 342 266


2 blogs.

here are 2 blogs that i have love all the time. they inspire me hugely upon every visit and well, they are just great.

1. a beautiful mess

elsie flanagan is a creative mastermind. i only realised a few months ago looking through an old scrapbooking magazine that she was the girl who did the awesome scrapbook pages quite a few years back.
so apparently i've been loving her work for years now!
she is individual, quirky and doing what i want to do before i even realise it.

i found this blog after seeing cinti's felted macaroons in a frankie mag.
i also participate in her animation friday....most of the time!
this blog inspires me with it's great use of colour and simplistic vibe about it.
she has some very delightful things in her shop too.

thanks for reading.
tara louise.


jan 2011 calendar

back in this post the other day i said i was making a desktop wallpaper for each month to use as my calendar. i've been trying to work out the easiest way for you to use it too....i think the best idea is for me to upload a high res image and you can just save it to your computer. so thats what i've done.

once you've uploaded it, simply open it in a photo editing program and using a text tool, start entering what you need to do. I find it easier to do a new text box for each item. I use a free program off the internet called photoscape. it's great. easy to use and well, free! once you've put in everything you need to, save it to your computer again. then open it up, right click and press "set as desktop background" . all should be dandy!

when you want to add something else to your calendar, simply open the saved image in your photo program again, type what you want, save it again. and repeat the steps as above. if you want clearer steps, comment on this post and i'll do a better job at explaining it : )

hope it comes in handy to you.

tara louise.


catch up..

the first post of 2011...exciting stuff!  and in true form i'll do my first post as a catch up from one i wanted to write about last yr..........

in this post i was saying how i'd written a list of blog posts i'd wanted to write then lost it. well the topic of todays post wasn't on that list but it should have been! haha.

i want to share with you a bit of my love for plastic cameras.

(frankie mag. issue 39)

how awesome are these cameras?
pretty, lomo's, crafty.
whats more to love??

there was an article in the latest frankie mag about the diana world tour. basically a world tour of prettied up diana cameras. in one word. awesome. i really want to go and see it!

but looking at this reminded me of a tutorial i saw ages ago in blog land by super talented elsie flanagan over at a beautiful mess.
she fancied up her holga with some paint to create a unique and less black plasticy looking lomo camera.


i don't know if i'm game enough to do it to my holga. i do love it though and the possiblities are endless.

i'm constantly inspired by holga prints. even if none of mine have ever turned out!
there's something alluring about the fact that if you have too much tape/too little tape that your photos won't expose correctly.
and yep you have to use electrical tape to stop light leaking into the sides of the loveable holga.

even with the pot luck-ness of taking a photo with one of these cameras, the pictures are just dreamy.



Holga Circa 2006-2007


so many different styles from one simple plastic camera.

tara louise.


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