DIY: Pretty Pinboard

Here is the quickest and easiest diy around that can be completely suited to each and evry person making it. It's a little bit embarrasing calling it a tutorial even, so diy it is!

the pretty pinboard

take an old corkboard, a new corkboard or a canvas + some pretty fabric you love
(but haven't been able to bring yourself to cut).

then lay the fabric on the floor with the wrong side facing up. lay the corkboard face down on top of it. next you need to tack the fabric to the back of it.

so fold one side of the fabric towards the corkboard and pin it with a thumb tack - a hammer might come in handy if your corkboard has a wooden back. next do the same thing to the opposite side. follow the numbers in the picture below and you'll get the idea of it.

and that's it. done!
easy huh!?

as you can see, i have a couple of these in my room and i love that they are prettier than normal cork boards.

have a go at making some. If you do, i'd love to see a photo of the finished product!
post it on my facebook wall. please.

tara louise.


February Desktop Calendar

Hi there. It's that time of the month again and I'm getting in a couple of days early.

Please find the calendar to make your desktop pretty and organised (score!) below.

this month i've added in an extra you may like, or may not - a wee speech bubble in the corner of the calendar.

to use these, there's 2 ways you can do it.

The Really Simple Way: 
simply click on the image. when it's at full screen viewing, right click and press "set to background image". you're all done!

The Slightly Less Simple Way:
simply click on the image. when it's at full screen viewing, right click and press "save as". Save your image. Open it again in a photo editing program and add in all your doings and going-ons for the month so you're sure tor emember it all like some kind of superwoman (or man). Then simply save it again. Go into the folder and open the image, right click and press :set to background image". you're all done!

Last month we got a shout out from the lovely Renee from Scout and Charm sharing the love about these calendars - so thanks a bunch Renee!! If you have an event that needs styling, or after a fab photographer or videographer, then Renee is your gal. She creates the loveliest most romantics things. Go on and check her out.

Happy February!

tara louise.


Rain, Sun + more Rain oh my!

This week we went bowling. We watched Biggest Loser as a whole family. It rained + it flooded. Bins floated + water had to be waded into to put the bins out (that's my dad after we finished work). I ate 2 pavalovas for dessert Australia Day - it was sunny! It rained some more and flooded some more. I went to the farmers market and the sun started to come out. This morning I baked some lemon and blueberry scones. This arvo dad's car broke down, so I had to rescue ma + pa and then waited for the tow truck.

Last week I missed out a square for big day out. Well here are 3 of my favourite shots from the day:

I've got my fingers crossed for some finer weather this week!
tara louise.


What I work

A little bit late with this post. Oops! So this is what i've been wading around water in this week (it's rained a bit this week on the Gold Coast).

The first look is in more detail below. In the second shot I was soaking wet pretty much all day long! It rained constantly (like torrentially) for a few days with a lovely break for Australia Day. The second look was about the 5th for the morning. I stayed in this, but ditched the tights before too long. This last look I pulled out my Christmas pressie of a neon bag. I love it to bits (it's Colette). I wore thongs all day because it was still raining.

Before all the rain started, on Monday, it was my mother in laws birthday. We went bowling after work and had Salsa's mexican (with the most delish mango margeritas - husbands and my favourite at the moment). I didn't have time to change my whole outfit, so went from work to play in about 5mins.

lucas (my step son) jumped into the first pic, then husband jumped into the second - as you can see.
just a simple change of shoes transformed the outfit nicely i think.

tara louise.


What does it mean to you?

What does Australia Day and being Australian mean to you?

For me, it means:

Enjoying vegemite on toast.
Trying to get my Brasilian husband + step son (who are soon to be Australian citizens) to eat vegemite.
Understanding that a salad sandwich or burger isn't the same without beetroot.
Being able to make fun of ourselves. And cracking ourselves up over it.
Being sticky because it's crazy muggy.
Making a "pool" when I wash the dishes.
Cooking all the meat at a BBQ at the same time and all sitting and eating together.
Using one hand to eat, the other to swat away flies.
Telling all the flies to PISS OFF in your angriest tone and no one bats an eyelid.
Cringing at our sterotypes - by crikey, that flamin galah's a bloody idiot.
Being able to say cringe worthy things and laugh it off.
Telling those in the UK that yes I made it back to the Mother Country, but hey you're a bunch of fools because you sent the convicts to paradise. Bloody fools!
Being secretly proud of our deadly animals.
Not freaking out at the 1cm big spider, the massive hunstman on the wall (as long as i can see him!) or the daddy long legs in the corner.
Speaking in an "occa" accent when I feel like it.
Saying "Yeah, No i'm right thanks", when someone asks us if we want something, and knowing we mean no thanks.
The beach.
Our laid back attitude - most of the time.
Our freedom.
Our diversity.
Acceptance - on most parts by most people.
Having 2 drop kicks fighting to run the country.
West Coast Coolers.
Hills Hoists.
Paddling Pools.
The desire to wear thongs, yes thongs (not jandles or flip flops), all day every day if I could.
Being way more patriotic when I'm out of the country. 

+ + +

Oh gosh I could sit here all night and think of new things.
I'm a proud Aussie.
I'm not Aussie enough to have/ever had a holden/commodore or to enjoy VB or XXXX, or to love watching the rugby/tennis/cricket or say "yous", but Aussie enough.

Happy Australia Day!

And for those who call Australia home - respect our country, our lifestyle and our attitudes and you'll have no problems at all! You'll be right mate.

What does it mean to you?

tara louise.


Old School: Does my bum look big in this?

At the risk of sounding all nanna and old, I am going to continue with this post.

For a while now - about a year - it has been "trendy" apparently to have your bottom hanging out the bottom of your shorts/skirt/dress. I remember reading the ed's letter in the shop till you drop mag last year and she raised this same issue. but from memory back then it was only if a girl bent over could you see her hoo-ha or her bum. now, there are bums everywhere.

i present these photos as evidence in case you haven't noticed it yourself... or you know the girls in your town still have a bit of dignity.

i was going to conduct this research at one of the shopping centres here on the gold coast, but ran out of time over the weekend, so conducted it at Big Day Out yesterday - knowing full well I would get plenty of 'bum shots'.  So i walked around yesterday for the first 10 minutes of my day and felt like a sleezy dude taking pics of girls bums - but it was all in the name of fashion.

I've been thinking about doing a post on this issue for awhile now, but it was a scene I noticed during the week that made me commit and forge on with the idea.

Storytime:  I was sitting at my desk during the week and often watch people getting in or out of their cars to either go to the beach or the cafe next door. Well this lady is near her car with a pair of green ruffly shorts (like the red pair sported above). Her arse didnt appear to be massive, but the frills were sticking up and well her whole arse was hanging out the bottom of these shorts. They were a glorified pair of undies. Worse yet, her shorts were so short, you could see her undies. My friends, those shorts were too short.

I have a few questions to ask these girls:
  •  Can you not feel your arse hanging out the bottom of your shorts?
  • Do you realise your arse is hanging out the bottom of your shorts?
  • Do you really think it looks good? Even with the best bum in the world?
I actually felt like going up to some of them and saying, "Hi, I just thought someone should tell you that your bottom is showing in those shorts."      My pleasure!

I'm by no means a frump or a fuddy duddy and love a pair of short shorts as much as the next person, but i really think the new questions needs to be asked:
"Does my bum hang out the bottom of this?"

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

tara louise.


Homemade Beauty [Part II]

I came across this mask while aimlessly searching the web one afternoon. It works amazingly for those with acne, acne scarring or black heads.

Simply take a couple of aspirin (it has to be the ones that dissolve in a glass of water), break them up into the smallest bits you can manage. Put them in the palm of your hand and make a cup with your hand. put in a tiny wee bit of water and watch it all fizz and bubble in your hands. Add enough water bit by bit until there's quite a bit of foam in your hand. Simply pat it onto your face while it's still fizzing away (i only do the areas i need it in as it's pretty harsh this mask!). Add a bit more water to the bits left in your hand and repeat the process. Leave it on for about 10-15mins until it dries and rinse off.

 I like to turn it into an exfoliant when it's time to rinse. 2 in 1 - bonus. depending on your skin you will need to moisturise after this mask - some instructions say to put some honey in with the fizzing asprin so it doesn't dry out your face. See what works best for you.

I think this is my fave mask at the moment. And it's quick and easy and it really does work!

tara louise.


My week in photos

this week we've been to ikea (last sunday). i painted my nails in pink - red ombre style. i had a delicious tofu wrap at raw energy for lunch one day. stared at pictures of my gorgeous little nephew my sister whats apped me. made a giant bowl of acai for brekky. washed the car. made key lime and coconut cupcakes - dairy and gluten free of course. went for a bike ride this morning. and well the last square is blank as we are off to the big day out this afternoon and there will be a photo saved for that.

a busy week for me and another busy one ahead.

hope you're having a great weekend.

tara louise. 


What I wore to work...

so this is what i've been wearing this week...

i've just realised too that i've worn the same necklace 3 times this week - i do like it :)

i'm pooped after a busy week at work and well i'm watching Kim + Kortney Take New York right at this minute, so a super short post it is!

tara louise.


Homemade Beauty

Storytime: Back in the day when i worked, went to uni and still lived at home, I used to go and get facials quite regularly. These were not the cheapest facials in store, and while i felt guiltyspending the money the first couple of times, my skin felt so amazing afterwards, I didn't really care how much it cost me!

Fast forward about 5 years and you'll find me with skin much worse than it has ever been and far too time and money poor to spend time getting facials. I've always been a bit of a home rememdy type person, so over the next couple of weeks, I'd like to share with you my three face masks/scrubs.

Citrus + BiCarb Mask
This mask I found online over the weekend and promptly tried it out. It made my skin super dooper smooth feeling like it promised - it's what I imagine your skin would feel like after a microderm abrasion.


a bit of bi carb soda - about  a tablespoon
a squeeze of fresh orange juice

Mix this up until it forms a paste (adding more of each thing until the consistency is right).
Pop it all over your face for about 15minutes, then wash off with warm water.

This tingled on my face and was lovely but it may be sensitive on others faces.

Try this one - I hope you enjoy it!

tara louise.


what i wore to work..

it's been pretty damn hot here the past week - which has been great! here's a bit of what i've been wearing to work the past week or so. smart casual.

neutrals and the pink skirt were in high rotation - as were cool singlets and sheer tops.

i feel like i am always wearing the same things to work, but looking at these photos, i've hardly repeated anything. strange!

tara louise.


coming out of hiding...

I've spent the last few weeks getting my head around the fact that we are indeed in 2012 now. It's a bit nuts. I've decided this year will be my year - the last two had their ups and downs, so this year is for me. I'm working on rebranding tara louise designs and expanding the handmade market. i'd also love to work on starting a new career move. I've taken a few weeks to get my stuff together and I'm in the midst of writing lists of goals and getting down all my inspiration. oh and my computer is not cooperating with me and is constantly flashing different coloured screens at me - so that hasn't helped with the lack of blogs posts!

here's the general things i've been up to...

we've been bike riding and enjoying summer. playing xbox kinnect with ma and pa. my step son and mother in law arrived - that's my step sons crazy neat trolley (he's 14. starting to think he has developed ocd! maybe). trying to get my husband to eat vegemite. ate oodles of mini pavalova's. painted my nails pink. did hot hula and zumba then spent time looking at the sky when i got home. took my hair out one evening and marvelled at the full bodied curls that appeared, then was gutted because i running out to zumba and promplty sweated them out. and i made and ate butter pecan ice-cream. yum.

 so one of my new goals is to write on this blog more regularly - which i was getting quite good at until my computer cracked it. ah well.

tara louise.

Read more... with the new.

hello 2012.

wowza. the year has flown by and as we are all filled with hope for what 2012 brings, we all set our resolutions for the year to come.

i never make my resolutions last. if i'm doing really well i usually drop the ball around september/october, so this year i'm just going to live by three mantras......

three things to try and live by.

what are your resolutions/goals for the year?

(post scheduled for 12:01am. 1 jan 2012)
hello first post for the year!

tara louise.


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