july 2011 calendar

here's this months calendar (a few days early so you're super dooper organised):

simply save this picture to your computer. if you want to add your monthly agenda, open the photo into a photo program and add your text/daily doings. then save it and save as desktop background.

feel free to share this around, but please credit it back to my page.

thanks a bunch.
tara louise.


blog post catch-up

i've thought of a few posts i wanted to write but didn't have the time to do, so i'm going to mash them all into one condensed blogathon. here goes...hope i can remember them all now!


I took these photos on my phone (hence the bad quality) a few weeks ago while i was out running (i was planning on doing the 10km marathon....turns out it clashes with the finders keepers market, so i've ditched the marathon to go up and check out this fab market!) in the morning. I love this time of year for sunrises and sunsets. I may be freezing my butt off but I have this at the end to marvel at.


my husband came in the door one day a few weeks back, just from taking out the rubbish or something, and handed me this flower. i know it was from next door, but the fact that he thought to do it is so much nicer to me than spending $50 on a bunch of massive flowers (that well usually make me sneeze). i thought it was very sweet.


for my aunts birthday back in may we went to the botanical gardens in brisbane for a picnic lunch. we sat by the pond and while my cousin was thinking about where he could plank (this was as the planking craze went nutso) the large hill down to the pond was calling my name. i hadn't rolled down a hill for way too many years (turns out its not as easy when you're older). so i had a crack at rolling down the hill. i tried to enlist some others to roll with me, but i was on my own. i started out ok and got progressively worse...my cousin stepped in to help me out towards the bottom of the hill (and i blame most of my troubles with the rods in my back......they do not make for easy rolling. i tended to get get stuck ad have to push myself back over to keep rolling), but hey i had fun and was still finding grass in my hair 2-3 washes later :)

now i thought there were some more posts i wanted to do but can't remember what they were now, so that's about it.

tara louise.


polly dolly

hard at work

HARD AT WORK was this weeks polly dolly inspiration.......and it feels good to do this again! It's been ages.

I work in real estate now as a property manager (couldnt find a for rent sign on polyvore), so I have to dress a bit more workier than i'm used to. However I'm just not a corporate sort of person, so i'm always trying to jazz up my outfits a bit.

i wear the left outfit all the time. would love to be able to pull of the middle look and the look on the right is my dream outfit in summer.

now i am off to work (thought i'd pop this on while i'm waiting for husband).

have a great day.

tara louise.


this cracked me up...

(found here)


polka dot tights diy


red, portraits and turqouise oh my!

(oh poo. just realised i forgot to number them.
oh well, you're smart,  i'm sure you'll be able to figure it out!)

1. felt tip + staples = coloured staples
2. make a skirt out a mens business shirt
3. diy for infinity scarf

4. turquoise floors. love.
6. family portrait on stairs. different but awesome.

7. heart top. i want this so bad
8. love this styling
9. i could make these earrings.

 tara louise.


so it's been awhile

Last weekend was a busy one (which is why i had no time for blogging or anything at home really!) but a lovely one.

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending Hello Blogger Events Gold Coast meet and greet. We had teppanyaki for dinner beneath the Q1 in Surfers, then went upstairs where some of the girls had a room. Let me tell you the rooms in the Q1 are pretty fancy and all with amazing views. I took some photos but only on my phone and well they turned out pretty crap, so I'll send you over to organisers Dani from Danimezza and Dani from Hello Owl's blogs. The photos are much better  :)  So yes I had a lovely night meeting other bloggers in the area.

Then on Sunday I took my crafty bits and bobs to a market at Currumbin State School. I tried changing up my market stall and had a few new things to share. It was such a lovely day in the sun with lovely company in the forms of  Fi from Sister in Style, Amber from  Ella in the Skye and Miranda from Livoop. I sold nothing but got to sit in the sun all day!

tara louise.


a nice surprise...

i was looking at the online mag maeve the other day and realised my grandma was in it! ages ago they had asked for your fave photos of your mums/grandmas. this was one of my faves. it was lovely to see her in it. i'd forgotten all about it.

thats my grandma dulcie....the one that's circled.

and after that i was reading the article on barbies and saw my fave barbie i had:

i think she was the first barbie i ever had that i didn't have to share with my sister.
i may have even bought her myself.
just thought you'd like to know my fave barbie :)

did you have a favourite barbie?
if so please share!

tara louise.


simple, bold and sequins oh mY!

1. love the foundations of this idea
2. making these key lime cheesecake bars once i'm done on the computer!

4. love this for a classroom or kids room or the living room
5. great way to brighten up the toilet
6. i want to do this in my back yard so bad

7. simple look. love the skirt colour
8. peter pan collar. i'm in love!

tara louise.


for the love of fabric

i did have this post named fabric fetish, but it just, well, seemed a bit creepy. but it really is a fabric fetish.

do you have one?

i do. and i know there are others like me out there.

my husband doesn't get it.

husband: how do you need to go to spotlight again? you have so much material there.
wife (me): yeah but i want different stuff. i don't like what i've got there.
husband: well sell it then!
wife: NO!!! i'm not selling it. it's too pretty to sell.
husband: well use it then. make stuff with the fabric you have.
wife: NO! i don't want to cut it up. it's too pretty to cut up.
husband: what are you doing with it then?
wife: it just sits there in stacks and looks pretty (smile). don't worry you'll never get it. just forget it's all there husband.

have you had this conversation before???

i was speaking to one of the stallholders at the handmade market currumbin the other day and she told of a similar story after talking with a sister/friend after seeing how much fabric they had. observe.

stallholder: wow. how much fabric do you have! what are you making with it?
sister/friend: (sheepishly) nothing.
stallholder: so what do you do with it?
sister/friend: i take it out, pet it, tell it it's lovely, then put it away again.

i get it. i totally get it.


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