Monday: Make. Create. Sew

This is not so much a tutorial as in a big long list of projects I want to make + create (photos taken straight from the projects folder on my many of the places I found them are unkown. sorry!)

1. This delightful puf...

(source unknown...thought it was dottie angel, but can't find it anywhere)

2. This lovely lacy lamp husband would never let me use it though :o(

                             (source unknown)

3. This fancy terrarium in a jar...been looking at these for a long time now.

4. This nice quilt...there's a lot of quilts I'd like to get around to making
(source unknown)

Well that's just a few.....there's a lot more in my list though!

I was dreaming witha  friend the other day "Oh i wish I could just give up teaching and I just stay at home and make pretty things!"


Saturday+Sunday:Screen Printing+Sewing

This week and yesterday have been filled with screen printing and sewing. I've just done a day at a tiny market and have been madly creating stuff in preperation for it.

I've been screen printing eco bags and sewing a variety of things...clips, earrings, softies.
 A bit of everything really.

(sorry for the not great shot...took one admist my craziness: Screen printed eco bags.)

(again, not a great shot...but a shot of the sewing: softie.)

And now I can relax again, get the house back to a reasonable state...the usual.


Friday: The Photo Finish

(Source: me)

A photo I took during a music festival this year. I do like it! That's it for today.



Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

(source unknown)

I love everything crocheted and knitted at the moment. I've also seen a knitted bag and a lovely little green crocheted hat on a blog somewhere but have no idea where I found them now. poo. Now, I know that I could have as much of this stuff as I liked, but there is one thing standing in my way. I can't crochet or knit to save my life. Can't do it and it drives me insane that I can't. I've tried follwing videos on you tube, reading "Kid's Learn to Knit" books, following online instructions, but all to no avail. I just don't get it. I follow the instructions but it just doesn't happen for me. I refuse however though to buy these products because they are so easy to make...just for other people!

I love looking at knitting and crocheting blogs oooohing and ahhing about the fancy things they can create. I love the snowy, wintery backdrops of their photos ( I live in a place that doesn't require many layers of clothes, so really I don't need a heap of chunky cozy, warming knitted stuff, but I think that makes it all the more appealing). My favourite blog to ooh and ahh at is Pickles . So much great stuff on that site (such as the knitted puff in the photos above. Ah i love it!).There are so many projects I have ready to make just waiting for the day when the whole crocheting and knitting thing clicks for me. With winter on the way and knitted and crocheted products in season, Oh please let it be one day soon.


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

Freezer Paper Stenciling WITHOUT Freezer Paper!

Strange but true. This is for those people, like me, who can't get access to freezer paper or are too stingy to buy it online! I've been searching high and low for freezer paper ever since the craze with freezer paper stencils first came about (I even looked in Brasil + South Africa while I was there). I was so excited to find this tutorial one morning before running out to work and now can't find it again (so if this is your tutorial please tell me!). Here's my version...

You will need these things:

Your paper, baking paper and clingwrap will need to go onto your ironing board in the following order:
Iron all 3 layers down...being careful not to let your iron touch the cling wrap (unless you like peeling plastic off irons :o) ). You will see that the clingwrap has adhered to the paper and the baking paper will peel off.

Now you have freezer paper! clever huh! (I love whoever came up with this!)

Continue as per normal freezer paper stencil tutorials...

cut out your stencil or drawing..making sure you keep any pieces you need to put back in the middle.

(I got too busy and rushed doing the next few steps and forgot to take photos....sorry.)

Iron on these pieces.

Place a piece of paper, cardboard or baking paper under where you want to paint.

Mix together your fabric fixative (you don't really need fabric fixative if you don't have any) and paint.

Swipe on your paint. The last time I did this the cling wrap didnt stick too well to the fabric I chose, so I swiped from the outside in on each letter.

Leave to dry partially. Pull off paper while paint is still damp. Leave to dry completely.

When dry...cover with a tea towel or something similar and iron to set the paint, or alternatively pop in the drier for 30mins.

Then stand back and admire the final product...all without freezer paper!

(This was our 2nd anniversary wedding present I made us. Cotton pillowcases turned a bit funkier)

UPdate: I have noidea why the writing is up by the side of this looks fine when I'm previewing it!


Friday: The Photo Finish

I’ve been following Blog it Forward and been getting inspiration from everyone’s posts.

The other day while reading One Pearl Button’s post, I was inspired by this photo:

(original source)

I loved that as my eyes moved across the photo I loved it even more. At first glance thought it was a cool shot, then realised just how cute it really is.

It's our 2 year wedding aniversary tomorrow so anything love related (but not corny love) is catching my eye.

Love is all you need....most of the time!


My Place + Yours

I missed out on last weeks theme, so getting stuck into this weeks which is: PINK

When I started looking around the house I realised that quite a few things in the house were pink.

These 2 were the most evident things....

The desktop wallpaper on my computer downloaded from Design*Sponge

(mind the messy area)

and the box of tissues sitting on the couch (which i bought to complement our green wall!)

( i have to admit i have a love affair with tissue boxes. i think i got it from my mum. i get a thrill from finding brightly coloured tissue boxes or fancy ones. are my mum and i the only people like this??)

Looking forward to finding out what next weeks topic is!


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

I want this whole outfit featured in the latest Shop Till You Drop magazine.

It really is the perfect trans-seasonal outfit.


Saturday+Sunday:Signed Up+Sealed

Well, I've been hibernating for ages and in a creative rut. After quite a few months of trying to get to grips with everything around me, I've got a million and one projects in my head that I want to start, have a couple on the go at the moment and last night signed up for a couple more.
I would have loved to have been involved with Blog It Forward but well didn't get my act together in time. Poo it.
So, I'm participating in Project 365....normally and on an iphone app (so yes thats 2 random photos i'm taking every day) and as I said signed up for a couple more:

My Place&Yours over at Hello Owl and a PinCushion Swap taken on by Foxs Lane.

I'm trying to get involved with a few things to get me onto this blog and keep me on here.

[tara louise]


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