November 2011 Calendar

You have two pretty calenders to choose from this month.

"yippeeeee!" you may say.

then you may ask, "but why?".

me: "just because. no really, i made one pretty one then thought, i might do one for movember too. why not!? so now you have 2 to choose from. i may just switch mid month. you can decide which one you like best though..."


click the calendar you like.
now right click on the picture and save as.
open it in any photo editing program and add your text/doings for the month.
save it and in the folder, right click and press "set as desktop background".

easy peasy huh!

tara louise.


this weekend.

this weekend has been all about:

[FRI PM]         Halloween zumba: Day of the Dead

I painted to face to look like a mexican day of the dead skull. i loved it to bits!!!

[SAT AM]         Shopping Shopping Shopping      

The weekly trip to the farmers market with mum for a sugar cane juice and a soy cheese and vege frittata....except there were none left, so a bacon and egg roll it was instead.

 Then a trip to one of mum's deceased estates to pick up the rest of my goodies I scored during the week. I will do a post on this during the week.

Went home to meet husband, and headed up to Robina to enquire about the new iphone. We came away with the new phone for me (in white), a new camera some converse high tops for husband.

[SAT PM]         Catch up on all my shows: Rush, United States of Tara + Parenthood

[SUN AM]        Much needed but Boring Chores

A big clean up of the house and general chores. Also made carob chips.

[SUN PM]         Baking etc.

BBQing, baking carob chip cookies, drinking peppermint tea and working out where we will go in Europe if we ever get there when we get there.

Hope you had a splendid weekend too.

tara louise.


Pollydolly: artist

it's been so long since i've done a polly dolly post.

this week's theme was: artist


the first look is basic but i love those red velvet shorts. the stripey tee and yellow short combo with sparkly nike high tops. love those kicks! and then a pretty yellow shirt with colourful maxi and sweet flats. team all or any of these looks with a hat, aviators, house of harlow necklace, red lippy and a pretty bag.

something a bit alternative but still polished and pulled together for my artist look.

tara louise.


Inspired BY...frankie

Every fortmonth (thats a new take on the whole fortnight thing) i'm busting for the new frankie mag to come out. chock full of pretty things to look at and hilarious articles i am contantly inspired. i'm even inspired by the advertising in the mag. and well yesterday they launched their new website and my gosh, it is pretty! here's some of what's inspired me....

i just love love love the kiwi fruit cut with the flowery cookie cutter and the cookie cut veges (i've seen this done with watermelon but never thought to apply it to other fruit and veg. silly me i know!

so these are a few things that inspired me yesterday (when i should have been working). i have more new posts on the way.

tara louise.


The Locals Guide To: Durban

If you ever find yourself in Durban, South Africa this may just come in handy for you. A little basic guide to some fancy things to do in Durban...

Check out these links/blogs to some of the shops etc above:

Mooi's blog

You might also like to visit a lovely place called Kauai while you are there. I was addicted to this place for their delish healthy option foods and smoothies (even dairy free ones...and I tell you, I felt like I'd hit the jackpot!). I managed to fill up one and a half smoothie cards while I was there too..not a bad effort I say!

So, If you find yourself in South Africa or in the African region...take a visit to Durban.
 You'll love it!

tara louise.


Bitter Sweet

Currently in Singapore airport making full use of the free wifi here. Sadly on my way home. 2 flights down, 1 to go.

Super dooper sad to say goodbye to my sister again, her husband and of course the little man (I've nicknamed him sir whingealot). We had a very quick goodbye which was probably for the best in reflection, otherwise the three of us (mum, Hannah and I) would have been a blubbering mess.

Every time I've had to say bye to my sister it's usually bitter sweet. The past 2 times now that I've been to see her my husband hasn't come with me. So while I'm sad to be saying bye to my sister again, I'm looking forward to seeing husband and my poppy bear (that's the cat).

Luckily these days we have skype, bbm, what's app and Facebook to keep up to date and in touch with our loved ones. We are lucky really :)

But now I just want to go home...if I have to. I hate waiting around airports. It sucks. I have an 8hr flight to go so not far now (last long flight I did was a 32hr flight home - 5 different flights with a sinus infection....I consider anything shorter now an absolute breeze!) so I really shouldn't be complaining.

I might take a look at pinterest, read my book, take some
More photos and try not to fall asleep while waiting for the next flight.

(my outfit on the way over and very similar to what I'm wearing now...just changed the tshirt to a new tshirt)

What do you hate/love the most about travelling?

Tara Louise.


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