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here is this months calendar.
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an additonal quote to go with the last post...

here here!

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i'm actually getting old

(just a word of warning: i don't like to swear in this blog, but i have a trucker mouth and i've sworn in this post.....just so you know)

i'm starting to feel real old.
or maybe i'm just realising i'm not young anymore.

i've never had that dread of a birthday because, you know it's another year older (gasp!)

this year i turn 27 and it's starting to hit me. even just looking at the numbers hits home a bit.
it's my ten yr high school reunion...that's crazy shit.
i asked a girl at work the other day if she thought the latest stan walker song sounded like anastasia. she asked me who anastasia was. (am i right though? it so does!)
I heard will smiths men in black song on the radio last night. they said it was from 14 yrs ago. i didn't believe that for a second until husband worked it out and indeed, it was from about 14yrs ago.

fuck. i'm getting old.

it's made me think (quite deeply) over the past few days about growing up and life in general.

1. Why is it when you're a kid all you want to do is grow up and be an adult. And when you get to the adult stage and well, it sucks. Like it really sucks! I'd much prefer to go back to only worrying about what colour i'll pick next for my picture or being horrified because someone poked their tongue out at me.


2. When I was about 9 or 10 I was busting to be 13. I just wanted to turn 13 so badly because then I'd be able to be "free" and do whatever I wanted to. It was such a cool age. (i blame all this on the babysitters club books...they were 13 and allowed to do everything! claudia even had a phone in her ROOM!).

When I was 16 I remembered when I really wanted to be 13 and just thought "why?". how silly. Then I just wanted to be 20 and all grown up.

Ha. All grown up. now i'm (turning) 27 and look back to my early 20s (f*ck...i can actually say early 20s! that's an old person thing to say! hahaha) and think wow i was so young. I thought I was old, an adult and all grown up, but you're really just a kid still at that age.

I wonder if i'll think the same thing about my life now in a few years.

3.  Does everyone feel young no matter how old they are? I feel like i'm still the young girl at school and gearing myself for life's journey.  Where's the time gone??

4. I feel this...quite often. do you?

5. as my 26yr old self, i'd now tell my 13yr old self these pearls of wisdom i now live by:

6. and well, to lighten this deep, depressing post, here are some things that now crack me up and make me feel all warm and fuzzy in my old age [wink].

tara louise.


polly dolly

ugg boots the theme for this weeks polly dolly via danimezza.

i'd team my uggies (thats what we call them in our family) with a pair of patterned tights and a top and beanie or with jeans, graphic jumper and scarf.

the accessories i'd team with them are nails in any of the above colours...or all three, a red lip gloss, bucket loads of mascara and diamond stud earrings.

now i seriously wish i could afford to go and get these uggs.
and well, both outfits to match!

tara louise.


for the love of: maxi skirts

it must be the inner hippy (i'm sure i was a flower child of the 70s in a past life) but i love maxi's. i love them dressed, dressed down, boho, glam, worky...any way i can get them (except tiered maxis...they suit no-one). i've just been on a pinning frenzy when i searched maxi skirt diy and sorry for those follwing my boards...i've just clogged up your "pinboards you follow" page with maxi skirts. oops.

oh i do love a maxi skirt.

now i'm on the hunt for easy tutorials to make my own.
preferably not wrap around versions (have made those types) and not the versions that take 10m of fabric (i'm poor).

these are the ones i'm looking into at the moment:

(my new fave blog!!)

(i think this may be the one!)

are there any items of clothing/accessories you just cannot get enough of?

tara louise.


polly dolly

puffer vests is the theme for this weeks polly dolly challenge. i don't wear puffer vests. never have and probably never will, but i don't mind the odd puffer jacket, so i've adapted this weeks challenge to suit me.

puffer jackets

i have gone with 2 puffer jackets.
same accessories in a neutral shoulder bag, pawpaw ointment for chapped lips (because it's cold) and lashings of mascara (because nothing looks better in the cold than  a pasty white face...because it's too cold to sit in the cheeks being freezing cold and lots of mascara).

for the plaid jacket....little flat ankle boots and some simple skinny jeans and a pretty beanie.

for the grey jacket...yellow jeans to jazz up the grey, some cons and a red beanie to add another pop of colour.

i'd quite happily live in these outfits over winter.
anyone wanna buy the whole outfits for me? not even just the ksubi jeans (yellow) or the zara ankle boots?

love them both to bits!

tara louise.


surfers paradise festival

i usually avoid surfers like the plague....i stay far away most of the time, however after seeing that the suitcase rummage was on i was willing to venture up that way of the coast. this has been like an urban myth for me....something i've read lots about but never actually been to one. i was pretty excited!

so husband and i took the whole 20 minute drive and decided it was worth the drive. the atmosphere was kind of melbourney (which is VERY un-surfersy) with lots of stalls, suitcases, music and food in a little alley. i went snap happy as you can see...



tara louise.


Saturday + Sunday

A quick run down of my weekend so far.


Ditched the 10km marathon for my market today.
First stop every saturday morning: Sugar cane juice (with ginger) and a visit to the cake shop to get a gluten and dairy free pineapple and coconut muffin at the farmers market. Also got kettle corn (it's sweet and salty and we are addicted to it but hate picking it out of our teeth for hours after) and my yummy eggs from the organic stall.

Then headed to The Handmade Market: Currumbin. I have had one small table at the market for ages and am getting sick of it and feel like my stall needs to grow up a bit. So after some incredibly tedious  research on pinterest, design sponge and other similar, you know, boring sites I have come up with a stall i'm liking more and more. This was my stall this time. I still need to find time to make more thing to go on my tables though i think.

The rest of my day was spent doing house work and watching TV, then trying to find some hard to find PS3 game with husband.

slept in and woke up late at 8:14am. meant to meet ma and pa at the rsl for a buffet brekky at 8:30. surprsingly we weren't that late and the brekky was yum. then headed up to the finders keepers market in Brissy.

i wasn't too impressed this year to be honest, and the highlight for me was the smoothie cycle place.
you order your drink (my smoothie of choice was one with dates, sunflower seeds, brazil nute, cinnamon, cardomin, honey and rice could actually have different milks! that was the most exciting thing to start off with...i didnt have to have soy!), then hop on the bike and blend your smoothie up. so husband and i hopped on and did our bit to help the environment....and my golly, it was delicious!

and now i am home and have just baked some lemon crinkle cookies (of which i can't find the recipe...thought it was on pinterest. hmmm) while eating olive sourdough, olive oil and balsamic. mmmm.

hope you've had an enjoyable weekend too.

tara louise.


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