what i wore...to work

this is what i wore last week to work. the last 2 looks are new dresses and nice and cool for summer.

i'm starting to see a pattern emerge where my head is tilted to the side with the same glazed over look in my face in most of these shots. did i ever say i was a model though? no i did not.
i think this look is a result of the photos being taken at the end of the day, as i'm just about to walk through the door...i've usually had enough by this time and just want to get into my pyjamas and sit on my couch.

my husband is beginning to think he is the greatest photographer around though.

tara louise.


my week in photos

this week i had my birthday! i turned 27. i got a mini cupcake maker and churned out some red velvet cupcake bites super dooper fast. i also had the day off work - the first in 27 years - our family doesn't take days off school/work just because it's your birthday. i had a delicious cup of peppermint tea - love the pale green it goes as soon as the t.bag hits the water. i made some feathery christmas decorations. i ate gelati (chocolate sorbet and lime sorbet are my fave combination) for my birthday dinner dessert. we had our 2 bomby cars taken to the wreckers - hello clean front of house and bye to my very first car. i drank a yummy frozen peach ice tea at the farmers market. then had a coffee w husband. today i had my family birthday lunch - a picnic/feast/all you can eat smorgasboard in the backyard. it was scorching.

i've had a lovely birth-week and have felt very spoilt and loved.

hope you had a week just as great.

tara louise.


fridays faves

3 blogs i've discovered this week...

link                                                      link                                           link   

...and 3 posts i've enjoyed.

one  |  love this set of photos (especially the hair halo + painted stones)

two |  these remind me of gaga

three |  love this kiddies room

enjoy your weekend.

tara louise. 


inspired by....real living + home beautiful

and by real living i mean the real living mag + home beautiful mag. every issue is so chock full of awesome ideas and styling tips, that my brain goes into over-drive.

here are some things that have inspired me in their latest issues....

(did you notice the paper doilies paperclipped onto the ribbon??!!)

are you inspired by magazines too? which are your favourite?

tara louise.


It's been 10 years already...

Saturday night was my 10yr high school reunion. We thought it was more like a schoolies reunion though seeing as it was also the first night of schoolies. we were asked to dress semi formal and while i didn't put too much effort into my outfit, i had narrowed my options down to two:

after careful consideration and talks with my stylist (aka my husband), we decided on the blue dress.

oh i also popped all my goodies into a vintage bag found at the back of mum's cupboard one day.

so yes. i finished high school 10 whole years ago.
we all found it incredibly bizarre that we were all there and that we all pretty much looked the same -just a bit older.
about 90% of us aren't doing what we thought we'd be doing when we left school.
most of us who went to uni aren't working in our professional field due to the lack of jobs.
none of us feel like adults. at all.
we couldn't believe that most of us don't see anyone from school anymore. even bumping into them around the shops.
we can't believe how fast the past 10 years have gone.
out of 300 or so graduating students, 45 or so turned up. we thought that was a poor effort.
and even with facebook, we still had things to talk about! amazing.

we'll see if we have a 20yr reunion. that would be even weirder!

tara louise.


what i wore to...work (last week!)

this is what i wore to work last week. the weather was hot, so i dressed much more casually than normal:

i'd also had a shop in kmart (one of my fave shops at the moment for bargain clothes!) last weekend and bought some new shoes (check out the peep toes) and a couple of stripey tops (because well i can't get enough stripes - ever).

tara louise.


my week in photos...

this week i sent a thankyou card. collected flowers from a house i appraised. i got flowers. i started making christmas decorations (which will be for sale). we bought a new car. i had lunch with husband nearly every day. i made lots of friendship bracelets. i went to the farmers market and wore my fancy yellow kicks (nike high tops). i also marvelled at the lovely spot i live and work. it was beautiful weather this week.

tara louise.


Fridays Faves

3 re-discovered blogs i'm enjoying...

link                                                        link                                                            link

and 3 posts i'm loving this week...

one  |   waking up full of awesome

two  | brightening someones day with these

three |  if you're easily distracted: go be productive (amazing but don't think i could do it!!)

hope you've had a good week!

tara louise. 


what i wore...to work (last week)

i only had a couple of interesting outfits that i liked last week......the rest were fairly basic. although my favourite was the one i wore friday, which i didn''t take a photo of, but was the comfiest and looked rather nice i though! will probably wear it again this week, so will take a photo next time!

i mentioned last week i work in real estate...hence the random houses :)

tara louise.


my week in photos

My week in photos...

i made dairy free ice-cream. chocolate with sprinkles. i worked all week. it was rememberance day. a red poppy finger nail  art marked the day. i made dairy free mint carob chip ice-cream. we bought new sheets. i had to go shopping with husband and he bought way too many business shirts. i wrote EAT on our dining table. i have had 2 x craft afternoons.

tara louise.


fridays finds

some blogs i've discovered this week...

link                                                        link                                                           link

and 3 posts i enjoyed this week

one |  Do: Embrace your "youness" {such a lovely inspiring post}

two |  a lovely crochet feast for the eyes + mind

three |  this "make it beautiful" video

have a great weekend.

tara louise. 


stamp it

on the weekend i needed a stamp quickly. i contemplated wire, cutting one out of rubber and then grabbed my diy stamp kit. i only have one stamp holder thingy and didn't want to take out the letters i had in it. so....i came up with this:

i simply grabbed a piece of crazy sticky tape and popped it on a rubber i had and then placed the stamp letters onto the tape. i wasn't sure how these would hold, but they have worked a charm so far!

it comes out very similar to this....just slightly more crooked.

i was pretty impressed with myself after this thought!

tara louise.


saturday + sunday. market days

this weekend was a combination of markets and relaxing.

sat:  had my market in the morning....we had a more people than usual which was great! the afternoon was spent at home chilling out and getting the plumber out to fix a leak in one of our pipes.

sun: husband and i hopped in the car bright and early and headed up to the finders keepers market. we started the morning with massive bratworst/kransky rolls and sugar cane juice and then browsed all the stalls. it was so lovely to be early and actually be able to move around freely and look at everything {usually it's cram packed and you have to shuffel along with everyone else}. this afternoon was spent relaxing, taking a bike ride down to the beachfront and having a drink and some food at the surf club. (dairy free) chocolate ice-cream is almost in my new ice-cream maker....so can't wait to munch on that!

how was your weekend??

tara louise.


fridays faves...

Some blogs that i've discovered this week....

And 3 posts i'm loving right now....

one |   some lovely marimekko decorations: must see and must try!

two |   check out this mt tape expo documented by hello sandwich (heaven and total eye candy for the stationery obsessed!)

three |  this post for beautiful interior ideas

it's been a rough day so that's all for today.
enjoy your weekend.

tara louise. 


oh how it irritates me so...

i'm at work and i just remembered this photo i took last night:

a normal iceblock you may say. what's so unusual about that??

see the bite marks- 1 at the bottom and one at the side of the iceblock?

my husband did that.

it irritates me so much that he'll just take a bite out of my iceblock wherever he pleases.
he does it now just to irritate me.

i know it's the smallest thing in the world to get irritated about but far out my ocd/aspergus tendencies go into overdrive when he does things like this.

i also find the following things equally annoying:
digging big holes out of a bucket of ice-cream.
digging big holes in the tub of marg.
leaving huge amounts of crumbs in the marg.

i prefer to scrape ice-cream/butter out of the bucket. so it's nice and smooth along the top ....mind you i'm not that pedantic about it - with the tub of butter (now i do sound like  freak! haha).

do you have anything so stupid it's a bit ridiculous that irritates you to no end???

are you a scraper or a digger?

please don't tell me it's just me.
there must be more of us out there. surely.

enjoy the rest of your day fellow scrapers and diggers, you can have a good day too.

tara louise.


What I've been wearing: to work

I get so bored wearing the same old boring clothes to work. I am forever on pinterest looking for interesting work wear that is still corporate enough to not look out of place.

Here is some of what I've been wearing the past weeks:

oh, and i work in real estate - hence the clipboard and the empty room with pink carpet.
and i am lucky enough to work across the road from the beach...this also means the sea breeze is usually cold, so i am still wearing blazers now and have a thousand layers on during winter and i will be boiling hot during summer.....oh and we have no air con/heating :)
but i'm not complaining!

what do you have to wear to work??

tara louise.


free dress for a whole month

Back in this post before i went away, i mentioned how excited i was to not have to wear office clothes for a whole month! i drove my mum nuts changing my outfit too many times apparently before we left the house. but i loved every minute of my free dress month. i also loved being able to wear most of what my sister couldnt fit into.

here are a few of my fave looks:

and so those are it.
stupid faces, blurry photos and all!

i don't by any means think i can put together an amazing outfit, but i had fun playing dress ups.

tara louise.


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