May Desktop Calendar

Here is this month's wallpaper for your desktop. 

The background is a photo taken by moi in barcelona. 

Have a great month!

tara louise.


my week in photos.

this week (and a bit of last week): i did an inspection on a property with this lino - loved the look of it with my shoes! we had a garage sale last sunday morning. i went to the dawn service + marched with my grandpa, mum and aunt on wednesday for anzac day. i made icecream sandwiches that day too. i braved the rain (which has only just stopped in the past 2 days) and got soaked at the farmers market with mum. yesterday my husband, mum and i found ourselves in the middle of the shooting at robina town centre - scariest thing in my life that i never ever want to have to go through again. we went to the versace for a friends birthday dinner where i had  my very first lobster and the freshest yummiest sushi (a quick story: i'd eaten one piece of sushi off this plate and pulled all my lobster out of the shell, decided it needed some lemon so jumped up and grabbed it to come back to find they'd taken my plate away. gutted! luckily it was a buffet so i just grabbed another). and my wee nephew got 2 teeth this week. just!

that's my week. i'm off to the surf club now for another friends birthday.

what have you been up to? 

tara louise.


Follow the yellow brick road...

This week I've started feeling more normal and "with it" since we got back. 

The week we arrived is a distant memory and i barely remember anything that happened that week (jet lag + a cold/flu germy, asthma-y thing isn't a great combo! add to that the first days back to work and easter and I was screwed from the start really!).
The week before last I was in a complete daze and my brain was certainly not planted firmly in my head.

This week I feel like I'm getting back on top of things and making steps towards exciting changes for the future. 

 I went for my first run in ages (or maybe it was last week - not sure now! see it's all a daze) and went to zumba last night and while it was tough i didn't need my puffer once! Result!

I'm clearing out the house and doing a giant spring clean and letting go of a lot of crap.
It's feeling good.

I'm almost back. Not quite yet I don't think.
Seems like an eternity since we got back, but I'm getting there slowly.
I'm following my yellow brick road. 
One small step at a time, but I'm getting there. 

I'm going to print these images out too and create an inspiration board to keep in mind as I get too hung up on what other people are doing and their successes.

here's to new adventures


very true.

believe that.

These are all keeping me going and inspired.

I hope something in here can inspire you too or spur you on to try something different.

tara louise.


Garage Sale!

"garage sale"

If you live on the Gold Coast, I am having a garage sale tomorrow.

Sunday 22nd April 2012.
8am - 1pm
50 Blamey Drive, Currumbin

Toys, lots of clothes, shoes, furtniture. 
3 x families in one garage sale!

tara louise.


fridays faves

i haven't done this for a while, but thought i'd share some lovely blogs i've discovered lately + the most awesome thing to add to any bike - i seriously want one!

3 blogs

                 apartment 34                                my scandinavian home                              design love fest

 1 awesome link

I found this video while browsing nylon mag and my goodness, it's the coolest thing ever. i seriously want one! watch the video - it's fab!

have a great last day at work and a lovely weekend.

tara louise.


Who irons in your house?


Good morning! (first up- i am still here, just not been very inspired to blog at the moment...apparently ironing has inspired me to do a post. say what!?)

 I have just finished reading this post by Melissa over at Suger Coat It about her aversion to ironing. We have this discussion quite often at work and at home.

 I work with my husband and I work with my dad. My mum has always ironed the whole family's clothes (but she's never been one of those people who irons hankies/sheets/undies) for as long as i can remember. She hates ironing and bitches and moans every sunday afternoon/night when it's time to iron dad's shirts for the week etc. Back in the day, about 3 years ago I suppose, my husband started working in the family business (LJ Hooker Currumbin on Currumbin Beachfront for those who need a real estate agent right about now - hows that for a plug!) and suddenly needed work shirts. I was the doting new-ish wife and ironed his shirts when I had the time and was free in the mornings. It comes up quite often in conversation how I used to do his shirts all the time and now I never iron his shirts. And no I don't iron his shirts anymore (I don't iron my own clothes unless i really really have to). And I know you're busting to find out why I don't iron his shirts anymore...or how I got out of it. He complained. I didn't iron his shirts well enough apparently. Fool! So as simple as that I never have to iron his shirts anymore. His mum washes and irons all his shirts now.

We were talking about this last week at work. Dad was saying how I should iron his shirts because mum's always done his. Amber who works with us, mentioned she irons her partners shirts whenever he needs them. My husband was having a little sulk and grump because I'm the only one who doesn't do them for him. Until they found out he complained. The consensus was, mate, if you complained, you're on your own!

My beliefs about anti-ironing are this:

- a good shake usually gets most creases out
- running your hand over gets the rest
-anything still remaining while drop out the longer you have it on your body (it's called gravity).

Me, a stepford wife? Not quite :)

Who irons in your household? Do you iron at all?

Now i'm off to go to work 
(and no i haven't ironed a thing this morning to get myself or my husband ready!).

tara louise. 


Street Images: Graffiti or Art?

I think it depends which way you look at it.
I see it like this: Tags - graffiti. Pictures - art.

One thing I love about Europe is the street art. Berlin in particular has so much around with lots of artists in the one city.

Here is the best street art (and pretty graffiti) i found while wandering around the UK + Europe:

does it inspire you much?
it inspires me oodles. love it!

tara louise. 


FOOD: DIY Truffles

i don't always like to toot my own horn [insert giggle here], but i have to tell you, the truffles i made yesterday tasted a-MAZE-ing. they were that good. with easter upon us and little old me unable to eat delights such as cadbury creme eggs *sob* i came up with an alternative. a quick google search found these truffles by jamie oliver. they are awesomeness on a spoon (that's a word ok!). 

my version:

we had a pretty good dessert spread after our good friday bbq and we did enjoy the truffles.
 a lot.

i will definitely be making these again. it's a great easy recipe. 
i used 70% cocoa lindt chocolate (which has no milk products in it) and used lactose free cream.
these are crazy rich truffles, so if you can eat it with milk chocolate, i'd probably use one block of milk and 2 of dark chocolate. 

go and make these tomorrow or monday - there's still 2 days of easter left. 
or make them for a dinner party. they are a fun dessert. 


tara louise. 

PS. I'm back now and have a kinda working computer, so there will be a thousand and one posts on my trip to come. oh yay you say! 


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