April Desktop Calendar

Well hello, it's time for my have calendar of the year so far. 
It's also the month full of long weekends and extra days off - yeeehaaa!

above as you can see is the blank version, and below is the version with the public holidays popped in for you. 

enjoy this month + eat lots chocolate 
(if you're lucky enough to have the gift of being able to eat chocolate - i have been stripped of my gift. i must have abused it or eaten my lifetimes supply in just 26 years! haha. oh what i'd give to eat a cadbury creme egg again!!).

tara louise. 


My past (2*two) weeks in photos

(disclaimer: this post is being done using the blogger app on my phone and i dont think i can tell it where i want the photos. I also think the photos may be way out of order. Just so you're aware. I'll do my best though!)

Attempted doing this last week and my blogger app cracked it at me. So I've downloaded it again and have lots to share! A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks.

We left London and headed to Paris. We went to euro Disney and I finally got some Minnie ears! We did all the touristy things like the louvre, we waited for an hour and a half in the freezing cold to go up the Eiffel tower and also had the warmest day of the trip so far.

Last week I realised was a very jam packed week but it didn't feel that busy at all! We flew to Barcelona (a first for both of us) and we loved it! Within the first half hour of landing I as being watched in a maccas toilet by some creepy dude or a gypsy lady before I freaked and ran out. It was all uphill from there! We went to bouqeira market and drank the most delish fresh juices and well didn't see much of Barcelona. But we did enjoy just wandering around getting lost and eating everything in sight! We also went to Rome and stayed in the sweetest little street full of vintage shops.

We also went to berlin where we took a bike tour of the city and drank lots while we admired the street art. And yesterday we arrived in Amsterdam. I've drunk lots of fresh juice again and now just relaxing in our lovely little apartment.

We only have a week of our hols left as this time next week we'll be home again. Hope you had a great couple f weeks too!

Tara Louise.

(footnote: the photos are not in the correct order. The order of pics is: 2,1,3,4)


My week in photos

Okay so this post is a bit later than I intended it but I'm reliant on free wifi. Here's what we've been up to this past week:

This week we've frozen our butts off in Liverpool when we arrived. We drove down to Cornwall and spent a lovely couple of days in a coastal town called perranporth. Also met friends in exeter. We drove to London and saw stonehenge on our way. We saw a Chelsea football match and were way up the top of the stadium. We've been in lots of tubes and been on lots of escalators.

We've drunk lots of beer, ciders and cocktails in the past week. We've done all the touristy stuff. We drew our flags in trafalgar square to help out a homeless guy, but then the cops shut him down. And we saw this original double decker bus driving around today. I never get sick of taking double decker bus photos :)

Tomorrow we're off to Paris and I'll have a whole new set of photos to show you next week!

Tara Louise .


Are you polite on pinterest?

Seems like a silly question really doesn't it!? It surprises me though how many people aren't polite on pinterest. Quite nasty to be honest.

Have you read the comments underneath people's pins? I occasionally check them out and am always surprised how picky and judgemental people are. Isn't it supposed to be a forum where you put things on that you like? I didn't think it mattered whether anyone else loved it, but apparently it does!

People make unnecessarily nasty comments about what other people have pinned, other people's comments and I've even seen full blown arguments on there.

Pinned Image
I think this picture sums it up pretty well. It goes along the same thing I was told as a child -

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

And seriously, why can't people just ignore things that they see on there? There are plenty of things on there that don't interest me at all or I think are stupid, but I just choose to not repin them. Amazing isn't it!

Do you comment on others pins or have you noticed others quite frankly, bitchy comments?

You'll look out for them now i bet.

that's my rant for the moment!
tara louise.


My debut into mail chimp

For those who aren't aware (or didn't care) I run a little handmade market in Currumbin. I'm not out to turn it into finders keepers or anything similar - i'm happy keeping it small and being a nice group of people who enjoy crafting and making bits and bobs on the side of their already busy day to day lives.

The growth of this little market has been a natural progression and the next step that came was a monthly newsletter. I've tried to keep it mostly location neutral, so anyone in the world can get something out of it and enjoy reading it.  It's full of inspiring pictures, interesting facts, DIYs and the like.

For the first and last time, I am going to publish this newsletter on the blog - every month from now on, it can be delivered to your email inbox mid month. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

OUR NEXT MARKET IS: Saturday March 3, 2012.

Visit us for all the prettiest in handmade goodies on the gold coast. 
Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.

to our first newlsetter for 2012 and well, ever!
The focus of these newsletters will be 
craft, handmade, diy's and hopefully something that willinspire you. If you come across something which you think would be great for these newsletters, please let us know.
Thanks, we hope to see you on Saturday morning the 
3rd of March in the laneway at 816 Pacific Pde, Currumbin. 


Painting on Pencils

This is pretty clever and fantastic. A melbourne based artistGhostpatrol draws on every day pencils - turning something normal into something pretty incredible.

Click here to see more pictures of his work.
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A Freebie For You

Check out these pretty free downloads fromPackagery. Floral tags for any occasion.
Simply print them onto cardstock, cut + go.
Find them here.


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Fancy up your Keyboard

Have you been introduced to washi tape before? It's just the coolest thing around when it comes to craft products, nick nacks and stationary.

Found on this blog - a way to cover your keyboard with pretty bits of washi tape. Is it pretty or what!?

Trixie Jean Designs
Sister in Style
This is simple, quick + easy. It can be done bright and out there or simple and understated.
Paint a base coat. Let dry.
Roughly paint dots on each nail
Draw lines around dots with a liquid eyeliner.
Leave to dry, add a top coat + enjoy.
Majjak Candles
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Mini Party Hats

These are just the cutest things around and the best toilet roll "art" I've seen.
Create little party hats just like these with glitter, wool + feathers.

They look like lots of fun + would be great for kids parties.

Ella in the Skye

I'm still learning how mail chimp works, so it's all a work in progress really.
If you think you'd like to read something like this every month in bite size pieces, please don't forget to sign up for the newsletter right here!

tara louise. 


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