My Place + Yours

take 2....the post i just wrote was deleted somehow. grrr.

so...where you sleep was the theme for hello owls my place and yours.

i love our comfy bed and the orange wall.
it's the best bed i've ever had.

(let's hope this works this time!)


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

today i'm gonna change it up abit as i get super bored really quickly and easily...and well i'm kinda sick of this post at the moment. blog this is hosting a 50 things challenge and i've decided to join in on the fun and tell you 50 things i want, need or love. it sounds simple, but i fear it will be way harder. lets see how i go....

1.  i LOVE spending time browsing blogs seeing what things other people have been creating
2.  i seriously NEED a car.
3.  i WANT to be paid lots for doing nothing (i've wanted this since i was about 15!)

4.  i LOVE my husband
5.  i WANT to see my sister again already
6.  i WANT my shop to be successful and turn out just the way it is in my head
7.  i LOVE my little kitty cat, but WANT her to be nicer to me.
8.  surely that counted for 2! i WANT this to be over already!! haha .deary me.
9.  i would LOVE more hours in the day to do all the things i want to
10.  i WANT to travel to nepal, peru and cuba
11.  i WANT to eat chocolate again without being sick (sorry but dairy free chocolate just isn't the same)
12.  i LOVE creating things and fiddling with them
13.  i NEED a red bull now before it's too late....where's my husband?
14.  i NEED to stop spending so much time on facebook
15.  i LOVE this song that's on right now (Gettin' over you. david guetta, fergie and LMFAO)
16.  i WANT to let little bella outside because her meow sounds so sad but it's far too dark
17.  i WANT to take my husband to europe
18.  i WANT to go back to europe!
19.  i would LOVE to live in melbourne for a bit
20.  i would also LOVE to live in new york for abit
21.  i would LOVE to sleep-in abit tomorrow morning
22.  i NEED to learn how to knit and crochet (mum i need another lesson)
23.  i NEED to do some more sewing before saturday
24.  i WANT to drive a car out of the showroom and onto the road. just once please.
25.  i WANT the porsche cayenne. or the mazda 6/9
26.  we NEED our bathroom redone
27.  i would LOVE a fire in the house
28.  i WANT another cat but a normal one this time round
29.  i LOVE cyclone ice-blocks
30.  i NEED to stop drinking this red bull or i will get a shocking stitch at zumba
31.  i NEED more printer ink
32.  i WANT a polaroid camera...or the polaroid attachment for the holga. that would be better actually.
33.  i LOVE amsterdam.
34.  i would LOVE to live in paris for abit too
35.  i WANT to go to brighton when we go to england
36.  i LOVE op-shopping
37.  i LOVE fabric, buttons, pretty ribbons etc
38.  i LOVE stationary. love it.
39.  i WANT some mt tape
40.  i NEED-ed to bring the clothes in, but just remembered. oops.
41.  i NEED to re-upholster lots of chairs
42.  i LOVE feeling a hit breeze against your skin
43.  i LOVE the smell of bread baking
44.  i don't LOVE the smell of jasmine or gardenia....i hate them
45.  i LOVE sweet things
46.  my husband says i NEED to get off the computer now and leave it occassionally
47.  and i WANT him to help me clean up around the house
48.  i LOVE my family
49.  i WANT us all to live our lives to our best
50.  i NEED to finish this up now and get ready for zumba,
                                      and i LOVE these photos...all from

tchau for now,


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

mt tape. i seriously want some. thinking of how to get it in the shop. it's pretty. practical. so useful. colourful. fancy. minimalist. coveted.

there are so many amazing things you can do with it.
and it's just so pretty!

at the moment i'm also finding some pretty bits and pieces to pop in my envelope for the envelope project (check out the link on the right).
harder than i thought it would be.
i can't find any pretty bits worthy enough for it.
sure i'll find some more when i clean up.


Saturday + Sunday: School Holidays + (the) Shop

this weekend is the start of the 2 week school holidays. yay for that! i can't believe it is nearly july already. how did that happen?

 i love lists, i keep a lot of them and i have the biggest list of things to do these holidays....

one |    clean the house (general tidy up)
two |    sort out the kitchen
three  |   sort out the computer area
four  |   clean out my sewing room
five  |    tidy up our bedroom (as you can see my list contains lots of cleaning!!)
six  |     get ready for the handmade market
seven  |   sew the rest of the bibs
eight  |    sew up some more stuff for the market
nine  |    op-shop marathon of the coast
ten  |     get our shelving for shop
eleven  |   trip to ikea
twelve  |   get outfit for lj hooker ball to attend with husband
thirteen  |   organise suppliers for the shop
fourteen  |   get ready for market stall at zumbathon
fifteen  |   finish the dining table
sixteen  |  re-upholster the $4 garage sale chair
seventeen  |  get the shop organised and as ready as possible before school goes back

i was hoping these would be relaxing holidays where i could recharge before i start working a thousand hours a week..but it doesn't appear that that will be the case.
ah well, it's all in good fun and most of it is stuff i really enjoy doing
(the rest of it are the cleaning jobs).

a busy couple of weeks ahead by the looks of things!

and because this is an extremely boring post.....a photo for good measure:

(found here)
(this photo reminds me of our new years eve at copacobana this year.
all the flowers washed up on the beach)

enjoy the rest of the weekend,


My Place + Yours

i haven't played this for a few weeks, but this weeks theme for my place + yours over at hello owl was 3 things you do everyday. i first found this quite hard, but once i thought about it it was quite simple.

one |   my ghds. i use these everyday on some part of my hair. best money i've ever spent!

two  |  i am so lost without my lucas paw paw ointment. it's just great. can't say enough good things about it.

three  |   facebook. sad but true. i'm lost without it and don't know what to do with myself without it.

head on over to hello owl to join in.


Friday: The Photo Finish

i'm on when i realise every picture i'm hearting is by 'my pony does LSD' . here are a few...

(all found via here-ish)

have a good weekend.
school holidays for me.
excited much?


Polly Dolly

well, i finally got around to it....the polly dolly challenge. the theme this week was rainy day and as we had a rainy day this week i feel well equipped to participate this week! we had a horrible rainy day on wednesday and i so completely wore the wrong outfit. my hair was frizzy by 8am, by shoes were soaked by 8:30am and i was pretty much cold all day. fun fun!

this was what i should have worn....

a dress (mind you with a few layers on underneath...these days it's 2 singlety tops and maybe a long sleeved top if i can get away with it) with some tights and my boots. i never use an umbrella....don't ask me why, probably because i never have one, so i'd also need a hat. one of those nice warm crocheted beanies that are in all the shops (couldn't find a good one on polyvore). a messenger bag is essential as it sucks running through the rain (remember i never use an umbrella) with a giant bag bashing into your side with each leap.
um, i think that's it. basically, walk fast, head down and keep that cardi wrapped around.
oh and a big pop of red lippy to make you feel better than crap!
only if you have to go out though! a rainy day inside at home is just great.


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

here are 5 things i'd like to make create and sew this week....if only there were a hundred hours in every day.

which name? | stitched notebook

i've made a few of these in my time, but these are especially cute.

prudent baby | recycled rug ottoman

tangled | bullseye
(the thing that excites me most about this is that it says it's a beginner level!!! that means i might be able to do it. thats a big maybe though)

allyson hill | eco travel lid
(these are just bloody awesome)

i'm off to sew up some bibs (as these need to be done), resisting the urge to flick through my mixtape zines that were delivered today (because these don't really need to be read right now i suppose) and trying to forget the laundry room overflowing with clothes that need sorting (becasue i just don't want to them right now as i'm far too busy doing way more important stuff!)


Saturday + Sunday: Shops + Signs

so, as i keep saying i've been so busy lately and have hardly had time to do anything. that's because i'm opening up a shop with a friend. it's going to be a cute, kitsch, eclectic shop in suburban tugun, on the gold coast. so at the moment all i'm thinking about is visual merchandising, window displays and stockists for the shop.

when we went to brazil last year, the main thing i noticed was how amazing their shop layout and designs were. their window displays were also very original but all quite simple. now i'm wishing i took more photos! here on the coast our shops are pretty ordinary and while some shops are becoming more visualy (that doesn't look like it's spelt right but it's staying) appealing, im not getting much inspiration around here.  

all of these things are inspiring me:
(and sorry i have no idea where any of them came from...anyone have any tips on organising pictures so the origin of them is available on tap???

this ones from dottie angel


off for another meeting,


Friday: The Photo Finish

i think for this weekly post that i'm going to start putting up my fave photo i've taken for that week and one i'm adoring off the web somewhere. here goes...


and one i found at weheartit...

(found here)

this is appealing to me right now.
love the clashing of the chunky knit and the floral.

have a great weekend, over and out.


Polly Dolly

a tea party is the theme for this weeks polly dolly challenge. this was fun. i love the idea of high teas and tea parties but never have them, so i was on full imagination mode!
as always, i couldn't pick just one dress, so chose 2 and i so badly want them both.
my tea party would be out under some trees in late spring (hence no cardigan/scarf).
i'd be wearing all 3 necklaces layered perfectly.
i'm loving the teapots....especially the white owl one.
i'd also be serving our refreshments in mismatched cups and saucers and plates.
love it.
oh how i want a tea party now!


Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

just didnt get it done today. i started and as usual lately, didnt get it finished. oops! i'll be back friday.


Monday: Make. Create. Sew

this post is super easy and inspired by this photo i found on

(found here)
so 3 simple steps.....

step 1. choose a bad photo
step 2. apply a vintage effect

step 3. write something in helvetica
and i think a full stop at the end adds extra awesomness.

and here are a couple i prepared earlier...

i think it's pure genius.
love it.


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