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Most Useful/Used Gadget this weeks theme for My Place + Yours . I took gadget as being something electrical (this has just dawned on me now, I suppose it didn't have to be but oh well...all my things are electrical!). The things that I seem to be using constantly are (in no particular order)...

My iphone
before i got my phone i didn't understand the deal with them...they were just a phone.
 i got mine, hated it for the first week or so, but oh how i love it now.
i use it ALL THE TIME!
these are the apps I'm bringing up constantly...
(by the way...the stopwatch i use at school ...i use it all the time)

My Camera
this is my little pick up + shoot.
i take it with me everywhere.
because i'm doing project 365 this year i'm using this at least once a day.

The TV
sad but true.
 i do love it and it is on pretty much all the time when we are home.

and lastly...
The Computer
i get up and turn it on and don't usually turn it off until i go to bed.
facebook + hotmail are the most visited websites.
it holds thousands of photos and hundreds of favourited blogs.

That's My Place + Yours for this week.

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