Saturday + Sunday: Seen+Salvaged

i have lovely wooden tables coming out of my ears at the moment. i do love a good solid wooden table. the family business is getting an overhaul and my old furniture hating husband is getting rid of as much stuff as he can from the office. luckily for me i'm bringing them all home as fast as he can get rid of them (luckily for him he can tolerate a bit of old furniture at home).

one favourite was probs back in the day a dining table, then was transformed into an office desk and is now my sewing table. it's solid. it's grand. here it is..

(this was before i got dad to pop it on the roof of his car and bring it home for me. gotta love dads)

the latest table i just acquired i've had my sights on for awhile. it is going to be our new dining table. i'm so excited. our table now, while i love it, is starting to not be so practical anymore. while it is cute, round and yellow, i cannot wipe it without it moving in a circle on its legs and it slides half a meter to the side when an elbow is rested gently on it. not so great anymore. sorry table.

new table is sturdy with painted yellow legs (this was part of the allure).....

 it will need a bit of a sand and a new lick of paint over the weekend but i believe it will fulfill it's life as a great new kitchen table.

have a good weekend,

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