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This weeks theme: Your favourite spot in the house

as i walked around my house and found the best parts i liked about it, i've found they are all just bits of wall. bits of wall that i've put some pictures on. i think the reason i like these bits best is because they are clutter free, minimalist and evoke lots of memories. here are my favourite bits of wall in the house:

above the dining table...

opposite the dining table (featuring frankie poster and calendar)

near my desk...

in our relationship corner (feng shui) in the laundry...

in my sewing room...

in the living room as soon as you walk in the door...

and the surprising thing is there are a lot more of these bits and bobs on my walls, but these are my favourite. and now they are all together i didn't realise how many there were. my husband comes home and finds extra things on the walls all the drives him nuts!
oh well, too bad i say, i like them.

BOB & MABEL  – (Tuesday, May 04, 2010)  

Love all your posters around. I do the same, mostly in my studio. The rest of the house is decorated with kids paintings!
You have fab taste!!!

Tab  – (Tuesday, May 04, 2010)  

Wowee! Thats a lot of wall stuff :) My walls are bare, bc we rent, and it gets too hot here for the removable sticky stuff. Its consistently at least 40 in summer and everything falls off. Its a poo-bum. I like yours though.

tara louise  – (Tuesday, May 04, 2010)  

i'm sure once we have little kids (i have a 12 yr old stepson so he doesn't do much painting!) our walls will be covered in kids paintings too :o) there's nothing wrong with that though!!

tab...we rent too. i'm just naughty!! haha. i'm very scared the blue-tacks going to pull all the plaster off, but i try and keep that out of my mind! haha

thanks for your comments though :o)

Cherie  – (Wednesday, May 05, 2010)  

Stunning - love being surrounded by meanful possessions ;)

Bea  – (Friday, May 07, 2010)  

Love how you have all the little bits around.

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