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this week in my place + yours the theme is
Pre-loved: Inherited or Thrifted.

i have bucket loads of this stuff around my house (much to the loath of my husband!). it's taken me ages to know where to start, but once i started taking pictures, i didn't know where to stop!! some are recent pics i've just taken, others are shots i took when i first got the piece.

vases/pretty bottles...all op shop items

                                                                                                            table. now sewing table...inherited

vintage glasses...inherited (from grandpa).
(had to fight my aunt for these babies!!)

vintage clock...inherited (from grandpa)

fabric...some inherited, well taken (from mum) and some op shop finds

more fabric...inherited (from my sister)

doilies...all op shop finds.
i love finding doilies in opshops. my fave opshop buys by far.

dining chairs...inherited (from side of the road by dad)

and ah my most favourite purchase ever i think...the $4 chair........garage sale
seriously i got this baby for $4 down the road, with a pillow thrown in.
and please excuse the bike resting on it.
 with a 12 yr old boy everything becomes a bike stand or something secure to lock your bike, skateboard or ripstick onto.

ah, this was a fun one.
i do love a bargain and "recycled" items.

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