okay, i'm bored

i haven't had any work all week (i'm a  relief teacher. thanks ed qld. you're great.). while i love getting a couple of days off school by this time of the week i'm starting to lose the plot abit. i don't love the whole housewife aspect of this situation so have swept the floor and have no desire to clean the rest of the house. at all. dinner's in the slow cooker. 
 now would be a great time to do some sewing or get some of my many projects done.
 but alas, i don't want to.
what's wrong with me?
 i've got all this time to do stuff and i really want to do something artsy and crafty but i can't decide what i want to do.
 i think i'm overwhelmed by the amount of half started projects i have!
i've been scouring the net for something quick and satisfying to make but can't find anything that really takes my fancy.
i did find this picture though:

i'm in so much of a funk that i can't even remember what site/blog i found it on, but i do remember it was sourced from weheartit.com
it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling this photo.
ok, i'm off to go make myself make or finish something. anything.

tchau bjs, (bye | kisses)

stripeymonkey :)  – (Thursday, May 06, 2010)  

i love this picture... it's so cool

now go do something useful! ;)

linda x

tara louise  – (Friday, May 07, 2010)  

thanks :o) writing this post got me out of my funk..kinda.

mission accomplished! x

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