Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

i'm seriously sick and tired of relying on my pretty unreliable husband to drop me off and pick me up from school (and think it's unfair that i'm using mum's car all the time!) so i am wanting to get a bike at the moment. i've been checking out cute bikes and their accessories.

i'm loving these chanel bikes and just wish i had the money to afford them.
a chanel bike. that's seriously cool.

also love these customisable bikes...spesh the 3 down the right side.
(can't remember where i found these)

i want, actually i need one of these baskets on the front too!
(as i'm that bad a bike rider i can't ride while i carry a bag)
mind you i'd be happy with a nice wicker basket aswell.

and i seriously want this helmet that zoe deschanel wore in yes man.
i'd be happy custom making my own though.

it's so cute!
and while i'd love to not care enough to go without a helmet, i'm a teacher so riding to school without a helmet isn't sending a very good picture.
and because knowing my luck i'd get fined by the cops.
and because i'm a pretty bad bike rider and i'm more than likely to fall off more than once!
but hey at least i'll be wearing a kick arse helmet when i fall :o)

i'd love to look carefree and debonair like these pretties... but unfortunately i don't think i will.
(i'll probably skid in some sand on the bike track and fall flat on my face in front of lots of students)

i have found 2 new blogs that have taken my fancy though:

both are cute and fancy bike related.

i'll continue my search for a neat bike and will update you once i find it and have completed my helmet.
till then, over and out.

Anonymous –   – (Wednesday, May 12, 2010)  

oh I know, theyre bliss. I bought one from Bigw of all places for $170.

tara louise  – (Friday, May 14, 2010)  

oh really!!!!???? oh, i'm so off to big w tomorrow! hope they are still there :o) ta! so much better than the $500 i had my eye on.

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