Polly Dolly

this weekes theme for the polly dolly challenge is: tropical holiday

this is great and slightly depressing at the same time. while i enjoy winter, i love summer, even though i'm totally over it after a week of humid weather because my hair won't co-operate AT ALL! this week i've done a mish mash of things i'd wear....an explanation will be below...
í turn into a bit of a hippy when the hot weather rolls around. it's all about maxi dresses, maxi skirts and free living. but i live in denim shorts and singlets during summer and while i'm on holidays, however because i'm loving floral shorts those are in too (i'm currently testing out ways to incorporate floral shorts into my winter outfits...so far i've been unsuccessful) . i love those swimmers...so cute, plus they look as though they have ruffles on them which is good for my non-existent boobs. sweet tie-dyed dress to pop over the swimmers or to wander around in all day. a satchel bag. so handy. a cross necklace/rosary. loving that sweet bird necklace. ray bans are a must and when i can be bothered a straw trilby is on my head. now the shoes. i'd love to say i'd wear the heels everywhere, but i'd be lying, i'd be wearing the flats (like the pop of yellow) or most likely some havaianas (when i was on holidays last year, i wore havs for 6wks....every day. needless to say my feet were sore by the end of the trip from wearing the same shoes everyday).

oh i wanna go somewhere hot with all this stuff in my bag. please???

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