Polly Dolly

well, i finally got around to it....the polly dolly challenge. the theme this week was rainy day and as we had a rainy day this week i feel well equipped to participate this week! we had a horrible rainy day on wednesday and i so completely wore the wrong outfit. my hair was frizzy by 8am, by shoes were soaked by 8:30am and i was pretty much cold all day. fun fun!

this was what i should have worn....

a dress (mind you with a few layers on underneath...these days it's 2 singlety tops and maybe a long sleeved top if i can get away with it) with some tights and my boots. i never use an umbrella....don't ask me why, probably because i never have one, so i'd also need a hat. one of those nice warm crocheted beanies that are in all the shops (couldn't find a good one on polyvore). a messenger bag is essential as it sucks running through the rain (remember i never use an umbrella) with a giant bag bashing into your side with each leap.
um, i think that's it. basically, walk fast, head down and keep that cardi wrapped around.
oh and a big pop of red lippy to make you feel better than crap!
only if you have to go out though! a rainy day inside at home is just great.

Adalita  – (Friday, June 25, 2010)  

Oh how cute. I love the snuggly cardi. I'm an umbrella person when it calls for one. I don't like having to take my glasses off every two minutes to wipe them off so I can see.

Have a great week!

Anonymous –   – (Friday, June 25, 2010)  

I'm loving those dresses at the moment!

Tara  – (Saturday, June 26, 2010)  

adalita...i totally agree to an umbrella when i'm wearing my glasses. drives me up the wall otherwise.

i'm loving the polly dolly challenge. thanks dani!

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