Saturday + Sunday: Shops + Signs

so, as i keep saying i've been so busy lately and have hardly had time to do anything. that's because i'm opening up a shop with a friend. it's going to be a cute, kitsch, eclectic shop in suburban tugun, on the gold coast. so at the moment all i'm thinking about is visual merchandising, window displays and stockists for the shop.

when we went to brazil last year, the main thing i noticed was how amazing their shop layout and designs were. their window displays were also very original but all quite simple. now i'm wishing i took more photos! here on the coast our shops are pretty ordinary and while some shops are becoming more visualy (that doesn't look like it's spelt right but it's staying) appealing, im not getting much inspiration around here.  

all of these things are inspiring me:
(and sorry i have no idea where any of them came from...anyone have any tips on organising pictures so the origin of them is available on tap???

this ones from dottie angel


off for another meeting,

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