Saturday + Sunday: Sun+Smiles

well as usual it's been another busy weekend.

yesterday i had my market and a baby shower and today is husbands birthday, so we were at the currumbin surf club for lunch into the afternoon.

market day

baby shower...who can drink the baby's bottle of beer the quickest??
husband can.
(but in the finals he was well and truly beaten by another friend.
and it has to be said, she was a girl!)

the setting sun this afternoon...and it is going on record that this photo is completely un-retouched
(except for the rounded corners).

it was a beautiful afternoon and the weather has been glorious all weekend.

we saw a whale super close this afternoon...i have lived on the beach all my life so seeing whales is a fairly usual occurence at this time of year (even though it still excites me!) but this whale we saw was so close in. i've never seen a whale as close before to the beach. he didn't look like your normal humpback whale we get and was covered in barnacles. the whole surf club was up off their seats wtaching him meander by himself up the coast. it was incredible! however i didn't get any pics of it...silly me!

hope you had a good one,

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