Wednesday: Want It. Need It. Love It.

today i'm gonna change it up abit as i get super bored really quickly and easily...and well i'm kinda sick of this post at the moment. blog this is hosting a 50 things challenge and i've decided to join in on the fun and tell you 50 things i want, need or love. it sounds simple, but i fear it will be way harder. lets see how i go....

1.  i LOVE spending time browsing blogs seeing what things other people have been creating
2.  i seriously NEED a car.
3.  i WANT to be paid lots for doing nothing (i've wanted this since i was about 15!)

4.  i LOVE my husband
5.  i WANT to see my sister again already
6.  i WANT my shop to be successful and turn out just the way it is in my head
7.  i LOVE my little kitty cat, but WANT her to be nicer to me.
8.  surely that counted for 2! i WANT this to be over already!! haha .deary me.
9.  i would LOVE more hours in the day to do all the things i want to
10.  i WANT to travel to nepal, peru and cuba
11.  i WANT to eat chocolate again without being sick (sorry but dairy free chocolate just isn't the same)
12.  i LOVE creating things and fiddling with them
13.  i NEED a red bull now before it's too late....where's my husband?
14.  i NEED to stop spending so much time on facebook
15.  i LOVE this song that's on right now (Gettin' over you. david guetta, fergie and LMFAO)
16.  i WANT to let little bella outside because her meow sounds so sad but it's far too dark
17.  i WANT to take my husband to europe
18.  i WANT to go back to europe!
19.  i would LOVE to live in melbourne for a bit
20.  i would also LOVE to live in new york for abit
21.  i would LOVE to sleep-in abit tomorrow morning
22.  i NEED to learn how to knit and crochet (mum i need another lesson)
23.  i NEED to do some more sewing before saturday
24.  i WANT to drive a car out of the showroom and onto the road. just once please.
25.  i WANT the porsche cayenne. or the mazda 6/9
26.  we NEED our bathroom redone
27.  i would LOVE a fire in the house
28.  i WANT another cat but a normal one this time round
29.  i LOVE cyclone ice-blocks
30.  i NEED to stop drinking this red bull or i will get a shocking stitch at zumba
31.  i NEED more printer ink
32.  i WANT a polaroid camera...or the polaroid attachment for the holga. that would be better actually.
33.  i LOVE amsterdam.
34.  i would LOVE to live in paris for abit too
35.  i WANT to go to brighton when we go to england
36.  i LOVE op-shopping
37.  i LOVE fabric, buttons, pretty ribbons etc
38.  i LOVE stationary. love it.
39.  i WANT some mt tape
40.  i NEED-ed to bring the clothes in, but just remembered. oops.
41.  i NEED to re-upholster lots of chairs
42.  i LOVE feeling a hit breeze against your skin
43.  i LOVE the smell of bread baking
44.  i don't LOVE the smell of jasmine or gardenia....i hate them
45.  i LOVE sweet things
46.  my husband says i NEED to get off the computer now and leave it occassionally
47.  and i WANT him to help me clean up around the house
48.  i LOVE my family
49.  i WANT us all to live our lives to our best
50.  i NEED to finish this up now and get ready for zumba,
                                      and i LOVE these photos...all from

tchau for now,

1milliondollarchallenge  – (Thursday, July 01, 2010)  

I'd love to live in NY and Paris too.

I loved your list, it was something different! :)

50 Challenges

Tara  – (Thursday, July 01, 2010)  

thanks! it was fun to do, but i found it challenging. i got bored half way through!! haha

(like i said i get bored easily :o) )

Anonymous –   – (Friday, July 09, 2010)  

have you tried your dairy free choc loaded into muffins ?

Tara  – (Saturday, July 10, 2010)  

i have and that tastes be fair. i just love the taste of dark/real chocolate all by itself! mmmmmm. so good!! hahaha.

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