Monday: Make. Create. Sew

so i woke up friday morning (seems like ages ago now) and decided i wanted a new top. simplest way i knew how (considering i have no money at all and it was 8am) was to make a top. inspired by a french connection jumper i've been loving for ages, i set about doing it while chatting to my grandpa and mum over our weekly friday catch-up. i was quite impressed with it, i must say!

(french connection jumper i was inspired by)

so that's my make. create. sew.  part

on saturday i drove past this spot that i drive by quite often and realised the photographic potential it had.
i took this photo while at the lights....


intending to turn it into this....

or this...

i can't decide which one i like better.

yesterday was spent getting more of the shop ready...we are opening in 2 weeks!!

this is my dad popping up some cute fabric over the lattice.
i despise lattice. hate the stuff.
we also went to see a couple of our friends who had a baby over the weekend.
baby luke is just too cute. tiny and cute.

husband has gone to sydney for a week for work.
i'm cleaning out the house while he's gone.
better get back to it. enough procrastination.

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