Polly Dolly

at the office was the theme for this weeks polly dolly challenge by  dani over at danimezza.

as i am a teacher i can afford to wear more casual stuff at work.
i'd love to wear a pair of pants with a nice pretty/funky top.
i've popped an awesome pair of heels because they would match best, but practically speaking, they are not practical at all, so i'd most likely wear a pair of brogues (if i had some of course!).
i'd be wearing a comfy blazer with the sleeves rolled up (because this is a fantasy thing and in my dreams it's never so cold that you need 10 layers and a coat on at all times!)
with a tonne of bracelets on my arm.
i usually need my glasses too...especially if i'm on the computer all day, so they are in there too.

i really enjoyed this one.
this is my dream teaching outfit...
as i'm always trying to come up with different ways to wear the clothes i already have.


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