Saturday + Sunday: Stumbled Upon + (from) Scratch

yesterday afternoon was a productive one.
always good i say.

i found a few new blogs, which i'm loving!
and i baked potato bread.

í've never baked bread from scratch before.
when bread makers became the the thing to have we got one, but we didn't use it a whole lot.
 (we didnt like the way the loaf of bread had a hole in the middle of it)
so it was an exciting event for me!

and while i was waiting for my bread to foam, rise, prove and bake i stumled upon some great blogs.

the blog to the store. i so wish we had it here!
also created by the geniuses behind urban outfitters.
just so many cool ideas.

graphic. all sorts of bits and pieces on it.

make the coolest stuff!
from the UK.
they have great taste in vintage/op shopped fabric.

style everything australian.
kids. fashion. interiors

this weekend is all about getting the shop ready.
there is just 2 weeks left!
crazy crazy.

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