new day = new attitude

new day = new attitude
this was my facebook status for today.

don't know if it's the warmer weather or the fact that i felt so sick all arvo from the food i'd eaten...
but whatever it was it has worked.
i woke up this morning with a new attitude towards my health.

i haven't been completely slack,
but i woke up with the urge to go for a run or do alot more exercise than i'm currently doing.
i woke up with the determination to really only eat the things i'm supposed to be eating at the moment
 (we'll see how long this determination lasts for though!).
if i was home today, i'd clean the house too, but i'm not, so i won't.

it's a nice feeling.
even though i haven't done anything about it yet, i feel rejuvenated already.

i've drawn in my sketch book, finished 2 necklaces, got myslef ready, checked out facebook and read these 2 posts by life's a journal (this is a lovely post!) and buy hand (great time management tips for those of us challenged in that area!)

and one last little bit of oomph to hopefully make you feel better about starting your day...

enjoy your day.

tara louise.

Linda  – (Tuesday, September 07, 2010)  

enjoyed your wise words today, i will make that my moto for tomorrow.
it will start early with bootcamp, kids to school, work!
Love reading what you write!

Tara  – (Wednesday, September 08, 2010)  

nice to know someonés actually reading it!! :o)

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