ever had a time when all you want to do is get away from the thoughts in your head?? i'm having one of those weeks. i want to stop thinking about everything but finding it very hard to switch everything off. i can't even sew or create in this mood. very stifling and inconvenient! i have so many things i want to do!! i've had a really rough couple of days and i'm mentally exhausted. if i could, i'd get myself a one way ticket out of the coolangatta airport...the first plane leaving that i could get on. my husband seemed pretty upset that he wouldn't come with me. he was happier after i told him he could come with me : ) i'm not one to just give up or run away when things get a bit tough, but i do find my head clears as soon as i have some time to myself away from everything to sort things out. today i appear to be at the stage where i'm fighting every fibre in my body to not crawl back into bed and stay there under the covers all day. it's surprising me a bit. i always get far too bored doing that! i am also finding i have oodles of spare time now and not quite sure what to do with myself. i used to get this feeling in the uni holidays. i'm off to find something to keep my mind from torturing itself. (this is helping writing this, but i'm kinda done with what i want to say now).

so here's a pretty picture however i do not endorse hitch-hiking. very dangerous!

(image here)

tara louise.

Linda  – (Wednesday, October 27, 2010)  

Hope your feeling OK now, anytime you want to catch up just send me a message. Linda x

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