gift guide 2010 - double whammy

here are the final two installments of this years gift guide....first off we have for the family for those times when you get a family gift, not just an individual gift.

first up....bake some cookies/mince pies/christmas cake......whatever takes your fancy. people love home-baked goodies. or if you're time poor, how about a table tennis set from ridleys (i've seen these in general pants co and david jones). a m.i.l.k book....beautiful coffee table book, beautiful photography from all around the world...available from good book stores (price unknown). i love these stripey beach paddles and this bananagrams game....scrabble on the go!

and now don't lie when i ask the next you seriously not buy anything for yourself while you're out christmas shopping? i bet thats a no!
here are some things to treat yourself with for all the hard work and the effort you're putting into everyone else's christmas presents.
what about some lovely looking body lotion from aesop? or the frankie mag's sweet treats book (this could also go in the family gifts guide) available from borders....for all your old-school fete type treats.  i'm loving the 20 x 200 project making original artwork affordable for the rest of us and i'd adore a diana camera with the polaroid back!

and that's it for the gift guide of 2010....i hope it has inspired some of your christmas ideas. i'm off to do a bit more christmas shopping today and finish off a lot of orders. how are you going with your christmas shopping??

tara louise.

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