gift guide 2010

yesterday was something, today's gift guide is for the people who you don't really want to get a gift for but feel like you should...
(i've kept all the prices under $20...who wants to spend a heap on a pressie they don't want to buy???)

serviettes from could even splash out and give them the matching zip lock bags! but serviettes can be pretty when presented well. green and blacks chocolate. fancier than cadbury's (making it look like you made an effort...nudge nudge) but so much better for the world - fairtrade, organic, deelish! available from coles...also available in mini packs. tea infuser and loose leaf tea....simple yet lovely. the jamie oliver magazine for the lovers of food, available from borders and the most expensive thing here.

so not totally mean and candles or roses/favourites.
you've made an effort and you haven't spent a fortune!

tara louise.

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