polly dolly

trailer trash was last weeks theme for the polly dolly challenge.

i'v done 2 trailer trash looks.
they both have the same elements, it's just the right one has been styled more good (good english huh!)

a midrif top (pasty white gut hanging out the bottom of the left look), denim shorts (pasty white gut hanging out over the top of the left look) and a pair of lace up shoes.
a bra of some sort.
the left look has a ridiculous of eye liner present, the right look has slightly less eyeliner.
the left look has that stupid hasn't-been-brushed-for-months look that lots of teenage girls are sporting at the moment (oh how old i feel and sound right now!!!), wish i could take that back but they do look ridiculous.
the right has a messy top knot.
drink of choice is...for the left a bacardi breezer/udl of some sort, for the right i tried to find a west coast cooler (oh how i love these!) picture but couldnt, so goon it is!

on their ipods...and note the covers...
ke$ha for the trash look and gaga for the slightly less trashy look.
(to both singers....i hate yous both. its cute.)
(i dislike lady gaga, but she is slightly fancier and stylised...she can walk in armadillos....i take my hat off to her for that alone!)

so there's my trailer trash look...inspired by some of the highschool girls that go to the local high school.

i fear for society when these girls graduate...if they do.

tara louise.
(aka...  a snob apparently after re-reading that!)

Anonymous –   – (Sunday, December 12, 2010)  

Box of Wine and cruisers, spot on!

Tara  – (Monday, December 13, 2010)  

not that there's anything wrong with those though! haha

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