recreation or epic fail?

(recipe and photo by whisk kid)

this is the cake that i tried to have a crack at today. i'd seen it before but was re-reminded by it through creativity and love . now, when i say "have a crack at"..i don't really mean try the whole layered and iced version. i'm far too lazy for that!

this was my much simpler and quicker version...

i made a basic cupcake mix...using gluten, wheat and dairy free products, then put food colouring in to make the colours. i put the purple batter into the patty pans first.

then put the pink over top. i then added green too. this was how they went into the oven...

and this was how they turned out, not quite the same. ( i envisioned clear levels of colour).

i made yellow vanilla icing...but would leave it white next time. might look slightly less kiddish and scary!

so not quite a recreation, but not an epic fail too. they still taste alright....a little eggy compared to normal cupcakes for some reason, but a cak├ęs a cake!

i'm off to have another one : )

tara louise.

Melissa *Suger Coat It*  – (Wednesday, December 08, 2010)  

I love it. Recreating a cake like this is on my list for 2011. I think this is a good attempt. Like an homage to the original cake.

Sickly looking, for sure! :oP

Tara  – (Monday, December 13, 2010)  

thats very kind, thanks hahaha

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