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...iceream. i love ice-cream. since only being able to eat sorbet i have been researching great ice-cream recipes that i can make at home, becasue well, as much as i LOVE the chocolate sorbet with lime sorbet combo i always rely on, nothing beats yummy rich ice-cream.

i found one recipe by accident which was a custard based ice-cream. now it was delicious. however i am far too impatient to make custard, wait for it to cool, freeze, whisk, freeze, whisk etc. and far too poor to buy an ice cream machine.

since the first delicious time-consuming recipe i have made a tofu ice-cream: massive fail and a milk and cream based ice-cream: ate it but it wasn't great.

then by complete accident again i came across the best and easiest ice-cream recipe yet. i am well impressed with this find! it came disguised as a cream cup (and i can't find the recipe link anywhere!) while i was madly looking for a quick dessert to make during the week. The original recipe is to be frozen only for 8-10mins, however i froze the lot and let me tell you when it's melted a bit. my gosh it is yum.

Simply put 1/2 a tub of tofutti/cream cheese (i'm so impatient i only ever do half batches of ice-cream coz i really can't be bothered to wait for the lot to freeze...and i get bored of flavours quickly) into a bowl with half a cup of icing sugar and about 3/4 cup of cream (i used lactose free cream). Add some vanilla extract and whatever flavours you want. You may need to adjust the sugar/acidity/cream according to taste. Add a touch/small pinch of salt if it is too creamy and to bring out the flavour you've chosen. And that's it. Whisk it or pop it in the blender to get all the lumps of cream cheese out. Pour into individual cups or leave in the bowl and freeze. Last time i just left them and they were fine. This time i'm whisking and freezing and whisking and freezing everytime it starts to freeze   whenever i remember. Want to see what difference it makes.

Today I am making rum and raisin flavoured ice-cream because i've had the biggest craving for it. Might try coffee again next time. Try it. it really is simple.

tara louise.

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