for the love of fabric

i did have this post named fabric fetish, but it just, well, seemed a bit creepy. but it really is a fabric fetish.

do you have one?

i do. and i know there are others like me out there.

my husband doesn't get it.

husband: how do you need to go to spotlight again? you have so much material there.
wife (me): yeah but i want different stuff. i don't like what i've got there.
husband: well sell it then!
wife: NO!!! i'm not selling it. it's too pretty to sell.
husband: well use it then. make stuff with the fabric you have.
wife: NO! i don't want to cut it up. it's too pretty to cut up.
husband: what are you doing with it then?
wife: it just sits there in stacks and looks pretty (smile). don't worry you'll never get it. just forget it's all there husband.

have you had this conversation before???

i was speaking to one of the stallholders at the handmade market currumbin the other day and she told of a similar story after talking with a sister/friend after seeing how much fabric they had. observe.

stallholder: wow. how much fabric do you have! what are you making with it?
sister/friend: (sheepishly) nothing.
stallholder: so what do you do with it?
sister/friend: i take it out, pet it, tell it it's lovely, then put it away again.

i get it. i totally get it.

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