this weekend.

this weekend has been all about:

[FRI PM]         Halloween zumba: Day of the Dead

I painted to face to look like a mexican day of the dead skull. i loved it to bits!!!

[SAT AM]         Shopping Shopping Shopping      

The weekly trip to the farmers market with mum for a sugar cane juice and a soy cheese and vege frittata....except there were none left, so a bacon and egg roll it was instead.

 Then a trip to one of mum's deceased estates to pick up the rest of my goodies I scored during the week. I will do a post on this during the week.

Went home to meet husband, and headed up to Robina to enquire about the new iphone. We came away with the new phone for me (in white), a new camera some converse high tops for husband.

[SAT PM]         Catch up on all my shows: Rush, United States of Tara + Parenthood

[SUN AM]        Much needed but Boring Chores

A big clean up of the house and general chores. Also made carob chips.

[SUN PM]         Baking etc.

BBQing, baking carob chip cookies, drinking peppermint tea and working out where we will go in Europe if we ever get there when we get there.

Hope you had a splendid weekend too.

tara louise.

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