It's been 10 years already...

Saturday night was my 10yr high school reunion. We thought it was more like a schoolies reunion though seeing as it was also the first night of schoolies. we were asked to dress semi formal and while i didn't put too much effort into my outfit, i had narrowed my options down to two:

after careful consideration and talks with my stylist (aka my husband), we decided on the blue dress.

oh i also popped all my goodies into a vintage bag found at the back of mum's cupboard one day.

so yes. i finished high school 10 whole years ago.
we all found it incredibly bizarre that we were all there and that we all pretty much looked the same -just a bit older.
about 90% of us aren't doing what we thought we'd be doing when we left school.
most of us who went to uni aren't working in our professional field due to the lack of jobs.
none of us feel like adults. at all.
we couldn't believe that most of us don't see anyone from school anymore. even bumping into them around the shops.
we can't believe how fast the past 10 years have gone.
out of 300 or so graduating students, 45 or so turned up. we thought that was a poor effort.
and even with facebook, we still had things to talk about! amazing.

we'll see if we have a 20yr reunion. that would be even weirder!

tara louise.

Surely Sarah  – (Monday, November 21, 2011)  

My 10 year reunion a few years ago was EXACTLY the same. Everyone looked the same, hardly any turned up and we all had plenty to talk about! It was surreal, strange, awkward at times but in the end I was glad I went!

Tara  – (Friday, November 25, 2011)  

i was glad i went too and glad to hear it wasn't just ours that was odd :)

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