saturday + sunday. market days

this weekend was a combination of markets and relaxing.

sat:  had my market in the morning....we had a more people than usual which was great! the afternoon was spent at home chilling out and getting the plumber out to fix a leak in one of our pipes.

sun: husband and i hopped in the car bright and early and headed up to the finders keepers market. we started the morning with massive bratworst/kransky rolls and sugar cane juice and then browsed all the stalls. it was so lovely to be early and actually be able to move around freely and look at everything {usually it's cram packed and you have to shuffel along with everyone else}. this afternoon was spent relaxing, taking a bike ride down to the beachfront and having a drink and some food at the surf club. (dairy free) chocolate ice-cream is almost in my new ice-cream can't wait to munch on that!

how was your weekend??

tara louise.

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