coming out of hiding...

I've spent the last few weeks getting my head around the fact that we are indeed in 2012 now. It's a bit nuts. I've decided this year will be my year - the last two had their ups and downs, so this year is for me. I'm working on rebranding tara louise designs and expanding the handmade market. i'd also love to work on starting a new career move. I've taken a few weeks to get my stuff together and I'm in the midst of writing lists of goals and getting down all my inspiration. oh and my computer is not cooperating with me and is constantly flashing different coloured screens at me - so that hasn't helped with the lack of blogs posts!

here's the general things i've been up to...

we've been bike riding and enjoying summer. playing xbox kinnect with ma and pa. my step son and mother in law arrived - that's my step sons crazy neat trolley (he's 14. starting to think he has developed ocd! maybe). trying to get my husband to eat vegemite. ate oodles of mini pavalova's. painted my nails pink. did hot hula and zumba then spent time looking at the sky when i got home. took my hair out one evening and marvelled at the full bodied curls that appeared, then was gutted because i running out to zumba and promplty sweated them out. and i made and ate butter pecan ice-cream. yum.

 so one of my new goals is to write on this blog more regularly - which i was getting quite good at until my computer cracked it. ah well.

tara louise.

Natty  – (Sunday, January 15, 2012)  

Hey Miss Tara!

I can totally understand what you said about trying to get into 2012- i actually didnt want to believe the new year was here. I had a good 2011, but i didnt know where 2012 would take me and whether it was going to be what i wanted.
I finally decided that i really didnt have much of a choice, and that i am horrible at goal setting, but i was going to work hard at everything im trying and see where it takes me!

Good Luck with your goals this year, although im sure you dont need it xxx

Tara  – (Sunday, January 15, 2012)  

I'm hoping 2012 will take me in the direction i want, but who knows what will happen! i'm the same - do what i can and see where it takes me :)

hope this year is better than 2011! xxx

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