DIY: Pretty Pinboard

Here is the quickest and easiest diy around that can be completely suited to each and evry person making it. It's a little bit embarrasing calling it a tutorial even, so diy it is!

the pretty pinboard

take an old corkboard, a new corkboard or a canvas + some pretty fabric you love
(but haven't been able to bring yourself to cut).

then lay the fabric on the floor with the wrong side facing up. lay the corkboard face down on top of it. next you need to tack the fabric to the back of it.

so fold one side of the fabric towards the corkboard and pin it with a thumb tack - a hammer might come in handy if your corkboard has a wooden back. next do the same thing to the opposite side. follow the numbers in the picture below and you'll get the idea of it.

and that's it. done!
easy huh!?

as you can see, i have a couple of these in my room and i love that they are prettier than normal cork boards.

have a go at making some. If you do, i'd love to see a photo of the finished product!
post it on my facebook wall. please.

tara louise.

Surely Sarah  – (Tuesday, January 31, 2012)  

Love it! Simple but cute. I might transform my wedding inspiration corkboard after I strip it down after the big day!

Tara  – (Tuesday, January 31, 2012)  

It is really simple, but rather effective i think. Thanks!

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