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Storytime: Back in the day when i worked, went to uni and still lived at home, I used to go and get facials quite regularly. These were not the cheapest facials in store, and while i felt guiltyspending the money the first couple of times, my skin felt so amazing afterwards, I didn't really care how much it cost me!

Fast forward about 5 years and you'll find me with skin much worse than it has ever been and far too time and money poor to spend time getting facials. I've always been a bit of a home rememdy type person, so over the next couple of weeks, I'd like to share with you my three face masks/scrubs.

Citrus + BiCarb Mask
This mask I found online over the weekend and promptly tried it out. It made my skin super dooper smooth feeling like it promised - it's what I imagine your skin would feel like after a microderm abrasion.


a bit of bi carb soda - about  a tablespoon
a squeeze of fresh orange juice

Mix this up until it forms a paste (adding more of each thing until the consistency is right).
Pop it all over your face for about 15minutes, then wash off with warm water.

This tingled on my face and was lovely but it may be sensitive on others faces.

Try this one - I hope you enjoy it!

tara louise.

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