Old School: Does my bum look big in this?

At the risk of sounding all nanna and old, I am going to continue with this post.

For a while now - about a year - it has been "trendy" apparently to have your bottom hanging out the bottom of your shorts/skirt/dress. I remember reading the ed's letter in the shop till you drop mag last year and she raised this same issue. but from memory back then it was only if a girl bent over could you see her hoo-ha or her bum. now, there are bums everywhere.

i present these photos as evidence in case you haven't noticed it yourself... or you know the girls in your town still have a bit of dignity.

i was going to conduct this research at one of the shopping centres here on the gold coast, but ran out of time over the weekend, so conducted it at Big Day Out yesterday - knowing full well I would get plenty of 'bum shots'.  So i walked around yesterday for the first 10 minutes of my day and felt like a sleezy dude taking pics of girls bums - but it was all in the name of fashion.

I've been thinking about doing a post on this issue for awhile now, but it was a scene I noticed during the week that made me commit and forge on with the idea.

Storytime:  I was sitting at my desk during the week and often watch people getting in or out of their cars to either go to the beach or the cafe next door. Well this lady is near her car with a pair of green ruffly shorts (like the red pair sported above). Her arse didnt appear to be massive, but the frills were sticking up and well her whole arse was hanging out the bottom of these shorts. They were a glorified pair of undies. Worse yet, her shorts were so short, you could see her undies. My friends, those shorts were too short.

I have a few questions to ask these girls:
  •  Can you not feel your arse hanging out the bottom of your shorts?
  • Do you realise your arse is hanging out the bottom of your shorts?
  • Do you really think it looks good? Even with the best bum in the world?
I actually felt like going up to some of them and saying, "Hi, I just thought someone should tell you that your bottom is showing in those shorts."      My pleasure!

I'm by no means a frump or a fuddy duddy and love a pair of short shorts as much as the next person, but i really think the new questions needs to be asked:
"Does my bum hang out the bottom of this?"

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

tara louise.

Wendy Sice  – (Wednesday, January 25, 2012)  

Oh, I TOTALLY agree that the bum thing has gone OTT. It's just insane. And embarrassing. And I'm sorry, but doesn't it feel uncomfortable?? I will NEVER be wearing shorts like that. EVERRRR!

Tara  – (Thursday, January 26, 2012)  

It must feel like wearing a pair of undies out in public. Odd! I can't believe parents let their duaghters go out like that - i see lots of young'uns sporting this look too. not great! Thanks Wendy :)

Renae  – (Saturday, January 28, 2012)  

Urgh! I live in outer eastern Melbourne and the shopping centres are full of bums hanging out of shorts that aren't covering up huge wobbly thighs. I often wonder if these girls have ever seen themselves in a mirror from behind.

Tara  – (Saturday, January 28, 2012)  

obviously not hey! it's not great. i say bring back a more demure look - you know where shorts come back to below your bum. just saying :)

laughjohnlaugh  – (Wednesday, September 05, 2012)  

Id be delighted to offer up my little tidbit - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHjVt6TmOhY

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