my week in photos

this week i managed to have my computer on for 45mins. i was pretty excited! I also managed to transfer all my photos onto the hard drive - documents and fonts next before i take it to the computer hospital. and as my computer isn't working and i am borrowing a laptop, i'm improvising.

so, this week i have...

...watched biggest loser as a family (again....are you noticing a pattern here? and an extra pair of legs??). Got an award for getting the most listings (percentage based) in a quarter between all the LJ Hookers on the Coast - yay for us little people! :) Found a delicious substitute to mint slices - gluten and dairy free. Made some tags and sent them off while I should have been working. Realised on friday arvo as i was doing an exit condition report on a multi million dollar property that my job's not always that bad - not bad views at all. I found this little gecko poking out from under the letter box. This morning I went for a bike ride down the beach, had a swim, then some coconut water when i got home (i know, those last two photos are back to front and it's seriously irritating me but they are staying that way!).

This afternoon I think I may watch some crappy TV shows, go to a friends BBQ then to the surf club for a drink or two before the week starts all over again.

tara louise. 

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