FOOD: DIY Truffles

i don't always like to toot my own horn [insert giggle here], but i have to tell you, the truffles i made yesterday tasted a-MAZE-ing. they were that good. with easter upon us and little old me unable to eat delights such as cadbury creme eggs *sob* i came up with an alternative. a quick google search found these truffles by jamie oliver. they are awesomeness on a spoon (that's a word ok!). 

my version:

we had a pretty good dessert spread after our good friday bbq and we did enjoy the truffles.
 a lot.

i will definitely be making these again. it's a great easy recipe. 
i used 70% cocoa lindt chocolate (which has no milk products in it) and used lactose free cream.
these are crazy rich truffles, so if you can eat it with milk chocolate, i'd probably use one block of milk and 2 of dark chocolate. 

go and make these tomorrow or monday - there's still 2 days of easter left. 
or make them for a dinner party. they are a fun dessert. 


tara louise. 

PS. I'm back now and have a kinda working computer, so there will be a thousand and one posts on my trip to come. oh yay you say! 

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