Who irons in your house?


Good morning! (first up- i am still here, just not been very inspired to blog at the moment...apparently ironing has inspired me to do a post. say what!?)

 I have just finished reading this post by Melissa over at Suger Coat It about her aversion to ironing. We have this discussion quite often at work and at home.

 I work with my husband and I work with my dad. My mum has always ironed the whole family's clothes (but she's never been one of those people who irons hankies/sheets/undies) for as long as i can remember. She hates ironing and bitches and moans every sunday afternoon/night when it's time to iron dad's shirts for the week etc. Back in the day, about 3 years ago I suppose, my husband started working in the family business (LJ Hooker Currumbin on Currumbin Beachfront for those who need a real estate agent right about now - hows that for a plug!) and suddenly needed work shirts. I was the doting new-ish wife and ironed his shirts when I had the time and was free in the mornings. It comes up quite often in conversation how I used to do his shirts all the time and now I never iron his shirts. And no I don't iron his shirts anymore (I don't iron my own clothes unless i really really have to). And I know you're busting to find out why I don't iron his shirts anymore...or how I got out of it. He complained. I didn't iron his shirts well enough apparently. Fool! So as simple as that I never have to iron his shirts anymore. His mum washes and irons all his shirts now.

We were talking about this last week at work. Dad was saying how I should iron his shirts because mum's always done his. Amber who works with us, mentioned she irons her partners shirts whenever he needs them. My husband was having a little sulk and grump because I'm the only one who doesn't do them for him. Until they found out he complained. The consensus was, mate, if you complained, you're on your own!

My beliefs about anti-ironing are this:

- a good shake usually gets most creases out
- running your hand over gets the rest
-anything still remaining while drop out the longer you have it on your body (it's called gravity).

Me, a stepford wife? Not quite :)

Who irons in your household? Do you iron at all?

Now i'm off to go to work 
(and no i haven't ironed a thing this morning to get myself or my husband ready!).

tara louise. 

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